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2 09/03/09 Edmund G. Brown Jr. California Attorney General California Department of Justice Linda Brughelli Chair, Green Office-DOJ.

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2 2 09/03/09 Edmund G. Brown Jr. California Attorney General California Department of Justice Linda Brughelli Chair, Green Office-DOJ

3 3 09/03/09 Sustainability in Practice 1.Background 2.First Year, Lessons Learned 3.Key Accomplishments 4.Challenges 5.Goals – 2009-10

4 4 09/03/09 Background: Three Key Factors 1.Assembly Bill 32 2.California laws, including the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, have set goals for the state 3.Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger 4.Attorney General Jerry Brown 1.

5 5 09/03/09 DOJ Process: First Year, Lessons Learned 1.Greening a workplace impacts organizational behavior and human behavior. 2.Culture and values can advance the efforts. 3.Leadership comes from empowered employees. 4.People need visible benefits to support greening. 5.Jobs include environmental considerations. 6.Momentum and timing matter.

6 6 09/03/09 DOJ Process: Green Office-DOJ Committee 1.Create Green Office-DOJ Committee; issue the charter. 2.DOJ employees are permitted to do committee work – allowed to use 5% of their time. 3.Collaborate with DOJ’s managers in technology, program, and administrative division. 4.Work with external state agencies such as Dept. of General Services.

7 7 09/03/09 DOJ Process: Education 1.The statewide Green Committee embarked on an education and assessment process: What is climate change all about? What does the term “sustainability” mean? What does the Scoping Plan issued by the state’s Climate Action Team require of state government agencies? What does Green Office-DOJ encompass?

8 8 09/03/09 DOJ Process: Definition 1.“Sustainability” 2. Being sustainable means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987 publication

9 9 09/03/09 DOJ Process: Mind Map 1.Mind map: Conservation Buildings Recycling Pollution prevention Compliance Certification Employee awareness

10 10 09/03/09 Mind Map: Conservation

11 11 09/03/09 Mind Map: Buildings

12 12 09/03/09 Mind Map: Recycling

13 13 09/03/09 Mind Map: Pollution Prevention

14 14 09/03/09 Mind Map: Compliance

15 15 09/03/09 Mind Map: Certification

16 16 09/03/09 Mind Map: Employee Awareness

17 Key Accomplishments

18 18 09/03/09 Accomplishments: Green Initiatives 1.Converted 100% PCC paper and encouraged default duplex printing. 2.E-mailed memos to all employees about unplugging appliances when not in use. 3.Increased and expanded recycling efforts.

19 19 09/03/09 Accomplishments: Green Initiatives 1.Encouraged reduced consumption; conducted eWaste events. 2.Increased procurement of recycled content office supplies. 3.Built a Green Intranet and maximized education/communication with employees. 4.Adopted sustainable practices in flagship forensic lab. 5.Created opportunities for employees and program units to get involved and be recognized.

20 20 09/03/09 Accomplishments: Green Initiatives (cont.) 1.Installed desktop power management software. 2.Joined with the American Bar Association/federal EPA’s Law Office Partnership for sustainable business practices. 3.Collaborated with Dept. of General Services on applications to US Green Building Council to acquire LEED certification for three legal office buildings.

21 21 09/03/09 Accomplishments: Green Initiatives (cont.) 1.Established a pilot hybrid rental program with the Dept. of General Services. 2.Published 2009 Report on the AG’s public web site.

22 The Challenges

23 23 09/03/09 Challenges 1.Selling green 2.Bureaucracy 3.External rules govern our operation 4.Employees 5.Fear factor 6.Standards, measures to track environmental benefits

24 24 09/03/09 Best Practices 1.Ensure that leadership for a Green Office comes from top management 2.Put one person in charge of the Green Office 3.Communicate the charter – the Who, What and How 4.Recruit and organize volunteers and provide time for their activities 5.Involve the business and information technology functions in all phases

25 25 09/03/09 Best Practices (cont.) 6.Identify partners – vendors, other government agencies, special districts, and business partners 7.Seek similar groups and organizations for collaboration and idea exchange 8.Use all forms of communication to educate, involve and inspire employees 9.Select measurable and attainable objectives 10.Going “green” is a journey – a lifelong commitment to protect the environment

26 26 09/03/09 For More Information 1.Call me at (916) 327-7864 2. or 2.E-mail: Aerial view of the San Francisco Bay wetlands and salt ponds. Photo courtesy of Roy Tennant.


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