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Software Development Services

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1 Software Development Services

2 Software Development Experience
Contents About ImproVision Software Development Experience Methodology Tools and Technologies

3 About ImproVision We are a management consulting firm with a technology delivery arm. Our core competency is providing Business Process Management Solutions Our Services encompass: Process Consulting Services Business Process Technology Solutions Project Management We have sector-specific solutions Oil & Gas Telecom Banking Government Manufacturing In its capacity as a technology provider we possess a unique software development team

4 Engagement Philosophy
Long Term Strategy Gap Analysis Projects Definition Based on the formulated change management plan, a list of necessary projects are identified to fill the gap and reach the required status. Projects are prioritized based on importance and also based on logical sequence. This leads to a mega-project plan where tasks are whole projects. The next project in the list is kicked off. Each project is executed with ImproVision’s project management methodology… Define with the customer how can IT be strategically used to generate a competitive advantage, increase revenues or reduce costs. Document as-is analysis and formulate a change management plan to reach the required stage The engagement deliverables are: Start Next Project Projects Prioritization Gap Analysis Document Change Management Plan

5 Project Management Methodology
Define Organization Define the team roster (from ImproVision and customer), members’ roles and responsibilities along with the reporting schemes. Define Parameters Define the projects objectives (including the time and budget constraints) as well as the major project deliverables Define Engagement Framework Agree on the engagement rules and on the communication plan among team members such as meeting frequency, steering committees, etc… Work Breakdown Define the list of full tasks for the project’s completion, the owners of those tasks as well as their durations Project Schedule Define the project work schedule (using a Gantt Chart) and finalize estimations Risk Management Plan Determine all risks along with their potential mitigation and the owners of the different mitigation tasks. Execute and Track Determine the tracking information needed and how it will be gathered, monitored and communicated as per the communication plan Close Project Project completion is acknowledged, project document with lessons learnt as archived along with all relevant paper work.

6 Work Breakdown Highlights
Build the solution as defined by the design document using the defined components and the custome made modules Define Specifications Design Develop Test Release Customer Acceptance Test the developed solution based on the test case scenarios defined in the requirements specifications. Defining the specifications of the required solution in terms of features as well as usability Requirements Specifications Document (RSD) Design the solution architecture that will achieve the specifications defined in the RSD document Design Document

7 Our methodology is… NOT carved in stone. It is adapted according to the project needs and specifics Iterative. It is repetitive to take proper adaptive action when change is iminent Comprehensive. We cover all aspects of the project, the technical and the business. Being business consultants as well gives us an edge of the traditional service providers

8 Tools and Technologies
ImproVision uses Global 360 for Business Process Management solutions including business process analysis and automation. It formulates the heart of our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offering

9 Tools and Technologies
With MOSS 2007 we provide comprehensive portal solutions along with its content management tools. Our consulting expertise will help you define your content management processes and how they reflect on your portal.

10 Tools and Technologies
We develop custom solutions such as integration interfaces, dynamic reports and others that are based on ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle.

11 Tools and Technologies
Our web designs are exciting and interactive through our extensive use of flash in our interfaces in a way that is useful and intuitive to users

12 Tools and Technologies
Because our technology portfolio is diverse, our solutions are typically based on powerful and proven packages. We use our development services for filling in the gaps between the packages’ capabilities and the customer requirements.

13 For more information contact us
ImproVision – Bringing Visions to Life! 56 Palestine street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Phone: Fax:

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