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Chapter 32: Politics of Boom and Bust Harding to Hoover.

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1 Chapter 32: Politics of Boom and Bust Harding to Hoover

2 Directions: The following slides will have various political cartoons and illustrations which encompass the main themes of the chapter. Each slide will be different. With a partner you will analyze the slide and answer the accompanying questions on your hand out. After each slide we will analyze, review, and discuss your findings. Please write your responses on a separate piece of paper.


4 Times They Are A Changin’? Adkins v. Children’s Hospital (1923) – Overturns Muller v. Oregon – Men and women equal in workplace Passage of 19 th Amendment Justice Oliver Holmes – “It would need more than the Nineteenth Amendment to convince me that there are no differences between men and women, or that legislation can not take those differences into account.”


6 Teapot Dome Scandal Teapot Dome (Wyoming) Elk Hills (Cali) Albert Falls – Sec. of Interior – Received bribes to lease land to oilmen – Sentenced on year in jail Other scandal: – Veterans Bureau Col. Forbes looted $200 million to build hospitals. Sentenced to two years – Illegal sale of pardons and liquor permits President Harding died while scandals were being tried – Speaking tour – Died of pneumonia


8 Iron Horse Bolstered productivity – Too much production – Too little could afford Increased farmers dept – Grave poverty


10 Hoovervilles Depression became national calamity Homeless people constructed shacks out of scavenged materials – Sprung up across the country “Hoover blankets” = newspapers Social and political structure in questions


12 Bonus Army WWI Vets march on Washington, DC Promised full payment of their promised bonus – Many unemployed – Need money Suppressed by Gen. Douglas MacArthur


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