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SLO Review Principal Meeting CLIU October 2014. Student Learning Objective REVIEW -Quality Assurance-

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1 SLO Review Principal Meeting CLIU October 2014

2 Student Learning Objective REVIEW -Quality Assurance-

3 3 Process Components Designing A.Goal Statement B.Targeted Standards C.Blueprints Building A.SLO Process Template B.Performance Measures Reviewing A.Quality Assurance

4 4 Task Structure SLO Review 1. Completeness -SLO Process Template 2. Comprehensiveness -Performance Measures 3. Coherency -SLO Alignment


6 6 Helpful Tools Review FocusTool Completion of SLO Process Template Handout #4 – SLO Procedural “Cheat Sheet” Handout #5 – QA Checklist-SLO Comprehensiveness of the Performance Measures Template #6 – Performance Measure Rubric Refinement Control Checklist Coherency of SLO Template #7 – SLO Coherency Rubric *Note: Additional information regarding assessment quality can be found within the Quick Start Training

7 7 End Result of Review Refined SLO Process Template with… A.Rigorous, high-quality performance measures; and, B.Identified areas needing further improvement (as documented within the SLO rubric).

8 Create the SLO Review for Completeness Evaluate SLO for Comprehensiveness Determine SLO Coherency Identify and Apply Corrective Actions 8 Generic Review Workflow

9 9 Summary The SLO Review phase is focused on: Applying a set of quality assurance criteria to ensure the SLO, along with its applicable performance measures were comprehensive, and coherent. Identifying areas of improvement in future SLO and/or performance measure development.

10 10 School Leader Review Phase: Tasks

11 Review: Educator Tasks 1. Evaluate each Section of the SLO Process Template #4 using Handout #5-Quality Assurance Checklist-SLO 2. Identify and correct any SLO element that deviates from the business rules 3. Organize the SLO Process Template, Assessments, and Summary Data Report 4. Conduct review with school leader 5. Finalize and sign form 11

12 Review: Leader Tasks 1. Conduct preliminary review (screen) of proposed SLO 2. Implement conference with educator: a) Develop “triage” from screening materials b) Align time allocation given preliminary review c) Provide “key points of discussion” prior to conference 3. Discuss proposed SLO and applicable performance measures 4. Identify any corrections, refinements, etc. 5. Sign form and establish follow-up timeline 12

13 13 Procedural -Conference- The SLO process facilitates an ongoing conversation about expectations between educators and school leaders

14 14 Procedural -Discussion Points: Fall- Goals- Standards What is the subject/content focus? Who does it encompass? How can it improve instruction/practice? Measures Why are they considered high quality measures? Who administers and scores the measures? What types of data are produced? Indicators What are the indicators of success? How are they being measured? Which students are they based upon?

15 15 Procedural -Discussion Points: Winter- Goals- Standards How has the instruction supported the subject/content focus? Which student groups are making progress or struggling? What instruction/practice adaptations will be needed in the spring? Measures Which measures have been administered so far? Are additional measures necessary at this time? What is the data telling us about student growth and/or mastery? Indicators Are indicators of success still applicable? How well are the indicators working? Which indicators are producing data about student performance?

16 16 Procedural -Discussion Points: Spring- Goals- Standards To what degree was the “Big Idea” mastered by students? Which content standards will need additional instruction? How can the standards be taught more effectively? Measures Which measures should be discontinued or need significant revisions? To what degree did students meet your expectations? What data points had the most influence on your overall rating? Indicators Which indicators were established too high or too low? What did the indicators tell you about student performance? Which student groups underperformed on selected indicators?

17 17 Procedural -Areas of Caution- 1.SLO is based upon small numbers of students or data points. 2.Goals or indicators are “loosely” linked to targeted standards. 3.Indicators are vague without specific performance criteria. 4.Growth and/or mastery is not clearly defined. 5.Performance measures are poorly designed, lack rigor, or do not measure the targeted standard(s). 6.Overall achievement expectations are unattainable.

18 SAS Portal Resources SAS Portal Instruction Student Learning Objectives Review Tools 18

19 Upcoming Assessment Literacy Series Train-the-Trainer Session: November 10 District/Building Teams PD 2.1: Assessment for the PA Core Act 48 Online Course for Teachers 19

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