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Business (Document) Process Outsourcing Stephen E. Brooks.

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1 Business (Document) Process Outsourcing Stephen E. Brooks

2  Hiring another company to handle business activities for you  May encompass a number of functions considered "non-core" to the primary business strategy  Common Functions  Finance & Administration  Human Resources & Payroll  IT Outsourcing  Customer Service & Call Center

3  Reduced Operating Costs  Increased Flexibility  Reduced Business Risk  Improved Scalability  Avoidance of Technology Obsolescence  Enhanced Service Delivery  Redirected Focus

4 DataBank Delivers Outsourcing Solutions Solution Focus National Scale Service Scope Leading Infrastructure Private WAN Secure FTP Transport Secure FTP Transport Managed Storage 7/24/365 Monitored 7/24/365 Monitored Systems Standards Systems Standards SOC 2 / PCI DSS / HIPAA / FERPA Implementation Methodology DIGITAL SCANNINGMICROFILM DPI B & W COLOR DOCUMENTS BOOKS ENGINEERING SCANNING DIGITAL TO MICROFILM / FICHE OCR / ICR BAR CODE KEY DATA / FORMAT TIFF PDF JPEG DATABASE INDEXING MATCH & MERGE ANALYTICS LEGACY EducationHealthcareCommercialGovernment ECM / SaaS Document Management Workflow BPM Scan on Demand Document Storage People Systems Process

5 Northeast Region Mid Atlantic Region Southeast Region Midwest Region Gulf States Region Southwest Region Western Region Northwestern Region Regional Offices and Processing Facilities Advanced, consistent and redundant processing facilities help to ensure business continuity and disaster protection for customers!

6 DataBank Process Security DataBank Maintains the Highest Level of Process and Data Security in our Industry 201 CMR Compliance

7  Implementation of ECM Technology  Process Centralization (Shared Services)  Merger-Acquisition  Volume Change (Volatility)  ERP System Upgrades  External (Macro-Economic) Pressure

8  Manual, Labor-Intensive  Document-Centric  Invoices  Applications  Claims  Substantial – Volatile Volume  Non-Core (Non-Value Add)  Predominantly Objective


10  Emergency Room Billing (multiple providers)  Client Site Based Staff  USPS Box Support  Document handling, preparation, scanning, indexing – 3,000,000 annual images  Manifest Creation & Audits  24-36 Hour Turn Times  99.5% Accuracy Levels  Experienced/Tenured Team Outsourcing Example (Healthcare)

11 Outsourcing Example (Industrial)  Document Conversion(s)  42,000,000+ Images  Claims  Invoices  Well Contracts, Logs, and Files  Correspondence  Variable Venue(s)  Three (3) Simultaneous DataBank Facilities (Houston, Dallas, and Chesterton)  Seventeen (17) Client Facilities (sequential)

12 Outsourcing Example (Industrial)  DataBank Solution Components  Project Management, Document Security, File Retrieval, Document Preparation, Scanning, Indexing, Document Type Identification, Quality Control, SFTP Transmission to ECM System (OnBase), and Day Forward Support  SLA’s Achieved  99.5% for Images Scanned, Indexing, and Deliverable Turn Time

13 Outsourcing Example (Shared Services)  Accounts Payable  Receive ~40,000 invoices monthly across 16 North American plants  USPS, E-mail, Facsimile  Document handling, preparation, scanning  Intelligent Capture-ReadSoft  Verify extracted invoice data  Deliver electronic content to OnBase workflow  Empowered streamlined processing, visibility, metrics

14 Outsourcing Example (Shared Services)  Payroll  Receive ~3,000 payroll related documents bi-monthly across 16 North American plants  Document handling, preparation, scanning  Indexing employee and pay center indicative data by document type  Deliver electronic Content to DBOS-OnBase Online  Leverage OnBase Report Services to communicate monthly KPI’s supporting staffing levels across BU’s

15 “Moving the mail handling, invoice image capture and data verification processes to DataBank streamlined tasks, reduced costs and helped return the Accounts Payable staff to analytical work.” Kira Geiss, CPP, ARM, APM Division Manager, Shared Services USA ArcelorMittal

16 “If a broken process is handed off you will encounter the same problems as would have been internally, limiting success.” “The partner is critical – they must have deep knowledge of the business process and bring breadth of experience to the project.” Lori Konapasek, ARMD, ACP Project Manager, Shared Services USA ArcelorMittal

17  Detailed Initial Discovery  Identification of Process Improvements  Comprehensive Statement of Work  End-to-End Testing  Clear, Realistic SLA’s  Effective On-going Communication

18 Considering Outsourcing?  Consultative Process  Detailed Review-Discovery  Qualified Recommendations  Let’s Talk

19 Thank you for your time and attention! Stephen E. Brooks


21 Project Initiation Discovery Implementation Planning Implementation Identify Resources Define Project Scope Set Initial Timeline Set Expectations Confirm Sponsorship Current Process Definition Envision Desired Process Requirements Gathering Recommend Solution Document and Validate Approach Finalize Solution Design Formalize Statement of Work Establish Project Plan Address Test Cases, Backup, Support, Training Plans and System Documentation Configure System Develop Solution Pilot Group Processing Include Modifications Secure UAT Complete Training “#1 Core Value: Customer Satisfaction” GO LIVE LAUNCH

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