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NC SPARTA Updates.

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1 NC SPARTA Updates

2 Launching NC SPARTA NC SPARTA supports Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer Some users experiencing issues with Internet Explorer 11 (majority of issues happen when users run reports). Add website to Compatibility View Tested NC SPARTA on iPad and tablets and request users begin using these tools. Contact WebEOC Administrators if you have any issues

3 Security Enhancements
2015 Hurricane Season Ran a website audit against WebEOC servers Made several changes to server settings Recommended that the username drop down options be removed. Users will have to manually enter the username Suggest passwords are changed when there is turnover in the position 2016 Hurricane Season Users will login with their name, not role We will begin collecting names of each SERT partner and their role (view only, can request tasks, can only post significant events) Users must have an NCID account Year long project to rebuild boards and workstation viewer

4 Position Log Counties can request a location type of Shelter
Choose the shelter from the drop down list of options The address will pre-populate the remaining fields RCC users will have the same options when requesting on behalf of a county and will also have an RCC location option **This will be in production this week** May also be adding a DPR Resource Yes/No field to track resources used during an event Please test during the next monthly WebEOC exercise

5 Tasks New Process for requests with incomplete information
The user being tasked will change the status of the request to “Need More Information” The status will be in blue The task should pop to the top of the county’s *Request To State display view Counties can edit the information and change the status to “Information Added” RCC MAC and OPS can also update the record

6 Tracking Pet Populations
The Department of Agriculture has asked Counties to track the number and type of pets at shelters in order to provide support to CAMET operations. Additionally, a field will be added to denote the CAMET Owner/Agency. To make recommendations or for further comment reach out to your NCDA&CS, Emergency Programs Division Representative (Bruce Akers

7 Damage Assessment GIS Section is using ESRI’s collector tool to build a damage assessment platform Tool will know where the user is and zoom to the location User will add the correct icon to the location and complete the form Goal is to build a tool that allows easy access and data entry, has the ability to “marry up” with gis data such as tax parcel information and is compatible with the Baptist Men’s app Tool will be available this hurricane season

8 ReadyNC Mobile App Incorporate more WebEOC data Modify County Summary Response for specific areas of curfew/evacuation Create a County Summary Recovery board for the Recovery Section Add DRC and DROC information to the board Possibly add new statuses to Shelters to determine which are warming shelters or reception centers Possibly display nuclear evacuation routes on a live traffic feed Improved advisory notifications Contact Julia Jarema for all READYNC suggestions/questions

9 Resource Management Upgrading to Resource Request & Deployment Module
Not a plugin, WebEOC Admins have more functionality (add and place fields, reports) Including DPR data Eventual goal to tie Tasks & Resources for one stop shopping Counties should review resources in current Resource Manager and make necessary changes Need a location for each resource If there are multiple resources at multiple locations, list them by location We have created an Other Group and an Other Definition for resources that aren’t NIMS typed. Resources must be grouped and geocoded to display on the workstation viewer

10 Resource Management

11 Sharing Emergency Notification Form Information
Power Plant 24 hr center FAX Incident Commander RCCs Functional Leads Counties PIOs Senior Staff FEMA Relies on old technology (Faxing and WebEOC Dual commit) Slow Way tooooo much copying, too much paper

12 Sharing Emergency Notification Form Information
SPARTA Power Plant WebFusion Other WebEOC Viewer

13 The Division would like to create an electronic MOA process
Grants Management The Division would like to create an electronic MOA process Would encompass all grants EMPG would have 1 document for the grant approval/MOA Ideal to have a single user at the local level to be a “signer” Process for electronic signatures from local level to state level Section leads working to create an MOA that meets the need of all grants rather than a separate MOA for each grant. Will Polk is currently reviewing

14 Other Projects In-House
IAP Tweak the board for the RCCs and Raleigh. Plans section is setting up a user group INRIX INRIX® Traffic takes into account every traffic factor, including traffic congestion, road construction, accidents, events, police activity, and historical traffic patterns to give you the most complete traffic data available Feed directly from INRIX to the Traffic Feed currently in the workstation viewer IPAWS - Integrated Public Alert & Warning System Integrate local systems that use Common Alerting Protocol standards with the IPAWS infrastructure. Provides public safety officials with an effective way to alert and warn the public about serious emergencies using the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio, and other public alerting systems from a single interface. Working with the 24 hour center to use IPAWS as a backup Workstation Viewer/GIS Creating an NCEM ArcGIS Online account Using ESRI’s new widgets and templates Building personalized views and processing RCCs would have a “branch” map with applicable county data Advanced gis functionality (show me the gas stations along evacuation routes that are currently open but on generator

15 2016 Workstation Viewer

16 Questions & Thank you!! Carla Bissette

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