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CORE WAIVER PAIRED SCHOOLS INFORMATION SESSION 2013-2014 School Self-Assessment Reflection 1.

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3 Objectives Explain the purpose of the Self-Assessment Reflection Explain the Self-Assessment Form step-by-step  Please have your copy of the Self-Assessment Form in front of you any questions about the form 2

4 Purpose of the Self-Assessment Reflection The self-assessment is the first step in CORE Waiver activities for all paired schools – Reward, Collaboration, and Priority Prepares you to meet with your partner school at the Partnership Building Convening Provides a context for your partner school before you meet for the peer review Contributes to the Needs Review required in the SPSA.  Completing your Self-Assessment (and your peer review reports) thoroughly will help you to eventually complete the new CORE Waiver sections of the SPSA in Spring

5 About the Self-Assessment Reflection Form LAUSD adapted the self-reflection in the Public School Choice School Review process The form asks you to identify strengths as well as challenges Is intended to encompass the three main domains in the new accountability system set forth by the CORE School Quality Improvement System:  Academic domain  School Culture/Climate domain (including staff/leadership development)  Social/Emotional domain 4

6 Completing the Self-Assessment Reflection Remember to…Here’s why… Review existing school plans. Look back at your current SPSA, PSC Plan, WASC, or any other school plan you’ve already written when explaining your school-wide goals and strategies The Self-Assessment is NOT intended for you to write a NEW school plan. Engage stakeholders from the beginning. You may invite anyone from teachers, other school staff, and parents in the Self-Assessment process, to lend their unique perspectives. Include your School Site Council, Waiver Leadership Team, or other groups for their support and insights. The Self-Assessment should be the most comprehensive, honest reflection of your school possible. The CORE Waiver is also intended to build school-site capacity through consistent stakeholder engagement, so this is a great place to start. Submit your Reflection by Friday, Jan. 24th Send your completed reflection to The Self-Reflection must be completed before you attend the Partnership Building Convening Jan You may choose to take copies for your partner school. 5

7 About the Self-Assessment Reflection Form Vision School-Wide Goals (about 3-5) Observation: Evidence in the Classroom Successes Challenges Assessment: Qual/Quant Data to Track Progress Towards School Goals Support: Staff Development & Collaboration 6

8 Next Steps Jan. 24, 2014 – Submit Self-Assessment to Jan – Attend 2-Day Partnership Building Convening at Westin LAX Jan.-Mar. (TBD) – SPSA Training for CORE Waiver Schools 7

9 Contact Information Monique Epps – Eduardo Solórzano– Joanna Han – CORE Waiver General – 8

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