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What value does it bring to Pretend Hospital? Pretend Hospital Logo Caring For You.

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1 What value does it bring to Pretend Hospital? Pretend Hospital Logo Caring For You

2  Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status.  Closely associated with telemedicine is the term "telehealth," which is often used to encompass a broader definition of remote healthcare that does not always involve clinical services. Pretend Hospital Caring For You

3  CMS has identified these: ◦ Physician (MD/DO) ◦ Nurse practitioner ◦ Physician assistant ◦ Nurse midwife ◦ Clinical nurse specialist ◦ Clinical psychologist ◦ Clinical social worker ◦ Registered dietician/nutrition professional (as of October 2010)

4  Physician/Practitioner Office  Critical Access Hospital (CAH)  Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)  Hospital  Rural Health Clinic  Hospital-based or CAH-based Renal Dialysis Center (including satellites)  Skilled Nursing Facility  Community Mental Health Center (as of October 2010)

5 Telehealth Services under MedicareCPT/HCPCS Codes Consultants Office or Other Outpatient Visits Psychiatrist Diagnostic Interview Examination Individual Psychotherapy Pharmacologic Management90862 Individual Medical Nutrition TherapyG0270, 97802, End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Related Services G0308, G0309, G0311, G0312, G0314, G0315, G0317, G0318 Neurobehavioral Status Exam96116 Follow-up Inpatient Telehealth Consultations G0406, G0407, G0408 Information from Center for Telehealth & e-Health Law (October 2010)

6  Medicaid ◦ 35 states have established rules for telehealth reimbursement ◦ Minnesota Medicaid  Private Pay ◦ 12 states have passed legislation requiring insurance companies to pay for services delivered by telemedicine  Contract-based Services

7  Hospital-based services  Providers must be credentialed where the patient is located  Privileges must also be granted  This process is currently being debated in Congress

8  Determine if there is a need for the service ◦ Do you have disparities to address? ◦ Lost your provider? ◦ What is the expected patient volume?  But, is there a demand? ◦ Are providers asking for the service? ◦ Are patients asking for the service? ◦ Are others already providing the service?

9  In/Out Patient Specialty Services: – Dermatology – Mental Health – Cardiology – Infectious Diseases – Pediatric Services – Endocrinology – Wound Care – Pulmonology – Oncology – Trauma/ER – Stroke Care …and more

10  Telepharmacy  TeleHome Heath (home monitoring)  Remote ICU Monitoring  Family Interactions  Case/Disease Management  Education ◦ staff, provider, family, community

11  Organizational  Budgetary Pretend Hospital Caring For You

12  Access to add’l care resources  Staff competency  Community perception  Service stability  Patient Experience  Peer-to-peer interactions

13  Stretch a tight travel budget  Increase ancillary services  Service continuation/expansion  Enhance the quality of care  Market-leader

14  Impact of Telehealth ◦ Don’t look at it in a “bubble” ◦ A tool of your entire organization ◦ Now vs. Future  It is more than hard ROI ◦ Can you afford NOT to have something

15  Lost Market Share?  Professional isolation/burn-out  Loss of “hometown dollars”  Being viewed as “Behind the Times”  Patient Care Liability  Not providing a high quality “patient experience”

16 Pretend Hospital Caring For You

17  Adds value  Strengthens relationships  Builds competency  Stretches budgets  Expands services

18  Patients  Providers  Partner facilities  Payers

19  Take a step…even a small one!  Figure out what makes sense for your organization  If not…you’ll only get further behind

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