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Effective Principles for Student Engagement: Chapter B5 and how to use it Karl Hobley - Student Engagement Coordinator, QAA Partnership for Wales conference,

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1 Effective Principles for Student Engagement: Chapter B5 and how to use it Karl Hobley - Student Engagement Coordinator, QAA Partnership for Wales conference, June 2014

2 Aims for the session To learn more about QAA’s work with students To understand how the UK Quality Code for Higher Education works To understand how you can use the QC and Chapter B5 at your university or college To share best practice/learn from others work

3 Student Engagement at QAA We want to put students at the heart of everything QAA does: Student Advisory Board Student reviewers Dedicated Engagement Team Support for Lead Student Reps National conferences Student Engagement Advisers

4 Ten years of engaging students in quality assurance Key research projects: Student perceptions of quality and standards Student engagement across the UK New employability research Strategic partnership with NUS/TSEP Staff development programme Annual quality reports Funding for WISE Wales 2013 - 15

5 But what is student engagement? Dictionary not much help.... Student = someone who studies Engagement = the act of engaging Engaging = charming or attractive! An increasingly popular term...a buzz word? Learning theory: ‘time spent on educationally purposive activity’ Often used differently in different places – can encompass a wide variety of parking!?

6 Activity (5 minutes) What does student partnership mean to you? On your tables, come up with an agreed definition. Write on the coloured paper and stick on the wall once fed-back to room.

7 Partnership and Student Engagement for QAA is... Partnership:...In this context partnership working is based on the values of: openness; trust and honesty; agreed shared goals and values; and regular communication between the partners. It is not based on the legal conception of equal responsibility and liability; rather partnership working recognises that all members in the partnership have legitimate, but different, perceptions and experiences. By working together to a common agreed purpose, steps can be taken that lead to enhancements for all concerned...

8 Partnership and Student Engagement for QAA is... The term covers two domains relating to: Improving the motivation of students to engage in learning and to learn independently The participation of students in quality enhancement and quality assurance processes, resulting in the improvement of their educational experience We will focus on the second of these and look at what might be effective principles, what some barriers might be and how these might be overcome.

9 The UK Quality Code for HE Sets out expectations that all UK universities and colleges are expected to meet over a range of areas. Recruitment Student support Student engagement External examining Learning and teaching Complaints and appeals

10 The UK Quality Code for HE Chapter Expectation Indicators of Sound Practice

11 Chapter B5: Student Engagement Published in 2012/13 Sets out the expectation that all universities and colleges are required to meet: “HE Providers take deliberate steps to engage all students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience.” Contains 7 indicators of sound practice

12 Seven Principles/Indicators HE Providers with their student body define and promote opportunities for any student to engage in educational enhancement and quality assurance HE Providers create and maintain an environment within which students and staff engage in discussions that aim to bring about enhancement Arrangements exist for the effective representation of the collective student voice at all organisational level, and these provide opportunities for all students to be heard HE Providers ensure that reps and staff have access to training and ongoing support Students and staff engage in evidence-based discussions based on mutual sharing of information Staff and students disseminate and jointly recognise enhancements made Effectiveness is monitored and reviewed at least annually

13 A translation..... Make sure students are encouraged to get involved – tell them what, how and why! Make it easy for them – and not a one-off – part of what is the norm Have proper representative systems in place Train and support your reps Always use evidence and make sure its shared Tell people what has happened as a result and recognise achievements Check it is working – review regularly

14 Your task On your table (20 minutes): Discuss the indicator on your table: 1.What does your university/college do under this area? 2. What are the challenges in making this indicator reality? Use the flipchart to make notes/mindmap Feedback top challenge to the room

15 Your task On your table (10 minutes) Discuss the challenge you have come up with How would you solve the challenge if your own university/college was faced with it? Feedback to the room

16 Chapter B5 Action Plan Will help you match the indicators in Chapter B5 against current work going on in your university or college. Can also help plan for future work Take it back with you to fill out with your union/ university/ college.

17 More information/ good practice QAA Good Practice Knowledgebase An online, searchable database of good practice identified in QAA reviews. Student Engagement Research Good Practice Guide for Student Engagement - University of Bath Pick up a copy of Chapter B5 and the Action Plan

18 © The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education 2014 Registered charity numbers 1062746 and SC037786 Contact us @QAATweets

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