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Libraries and Multicultural communities in UK Gillian Harris Libraries and Multicultural Communities in UK.

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1 Libraries and Multicultural communities in UK Gillian Harris Libraries and Multicultural Communities in UK

2 Libraries and Multicultural Communities in the UK Demographics Award-winning library services Elements for good service development

3 Multi-cultural Communities Settled communities English as second language English as first language New arrivals Families of settled people Refugees Asylum seekers Migrant workers Seasonal workers Students Mixed race people

4 The Network Tackling social exclusion in libraries, museums, archives and galleries d=2

5 Welcome to your Library Project Libraries support reading, learning and information literacy Libraries are gateways to other services. Libraries are vital spaces for positive interaction and a place for people from different backgrounds to come together and share experiences. asp asp

6 Three rules for winning support Never assume that others understand what the library does or what it takes to do it. Take every opportunity to educate them Ask! Research shows that even people who don’t use the library appreciate its role and wish to support it Don’t do this alone – your message is most powerful when others speak up for you olkit.pdf

7 Diversity Group of Cilip interest-groups/diversity/Pages/default.aspx Diversity Award 2010 London Borough of Southwark, Rotherhithe Library Engaging with the Somali and Latin American Communities in Southwark Runner-Up Coventry University Ethnicity and Study Skills: active intervention in the library setting

8 Libraries Change Lives us/medalsandawards/libraries-change- lives/pages/lclawardintro.aspx us/medalsandawards/libraries-change- lives/pages/lclawardintro.aspx

9 National Programmes The Reading Agency: Six Book Challenge The Book Trust: book-gifting programmes schemes

10 Elements for Good Service Development Good and appropriate resources Knowledgeable staff Understanding of the needs of the different communities

11 “Using the Needs-Based Library approach will cover Strategy, Structure, Systems and Culture - all of these must be aligned if the needs of multicultural communities are to be met. We used this holistic approach in Lincolnshire to good effect. We did not rely on special services or project based work - we took a whole service approach to meeting needs. And we did not merely consult on ideas we had already come up with - we genuinely engaged and involved local communities in the design, planning, delivery and evaluation of library services.” John Pateman

12 Resources 480265/Libraries-stocking-books-preach- terrorism-hatred.html#

13 Staff training Awareness of the culture and needs of local communities Communication skills Listening skills Negotiation skills Dealing with conflict

14 Encompass In the UK, one person in thirteen comes from an ethnic minority. Among library & information staff, it could be as few as one in forty-four. careers/qualifications/encompass/pages/a boutencompass.aspx

15 New Library Buildings 009/September/Northolt_library 009/September/Northolt_library 009/July/Manningham_library 009/July/Manningham_library 009/April/Luton_central 009/April/Luton_central

16 Newcastle City Library





21 A positive thread that is running through this is the desire to maintain and develop services for people in real need (and to try to continue universal services which improve the lives of everyone). How far this is successful will depend on local political decision-making, and, right now, this is volatile. However, it is likely that there will be a reduction in the kinds of provision which we know reaches people who may not otherwise take up our services - Certainly there is already a reduction in the number of staff involved in these activities - and this is shameful at a time when all the research points to the need to close the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'. John Vincent, The Network

22 Hvala

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