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My Dream Job : Heal The World Team Name : Free Thinkers Abdullah Tahir Chowdhury Team Leader & Qualitative Researcher BRAC University, Bangladesh Jasia.

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1 My Dream Job : Heal The World Team Name : Free Thinkers Abdullah Tahir Chowdhury Team Leader & Qualitative Researcher BRAC University, Bangladesh Jasia Tahzeeda Economist IIUM, Malaysia Promit Adnan Sociologist University of Edinburgh, UK

2 My Dream Job : ©Its 26 th September, 2022 and I am one of the happiest person on this planet as I am one of the pioneers of saving the earth from its two impending menaces. ©I am one of the proprietors of our social business project ‘heal the world’ where €We produce sustainable organic food cultivation  through vermicomposting €We work for the provision of mentally & physically challenged people by training them 2 What We Are Doing on Sept. 27th 2022 :

3 Why We Need To Heal The World? ©The world population will reach over 9 billion by 2050  which will result in : I.Rise in the demand of safe food to a extremely high degree  usage of artificial fertilizer, pesticides and artificial hormones in food production will create threats like obesity, congenital deformity and many others. II.Currently 15 % of the world population suffers from substantial mental and physical disability  which means in 2050, 1.35 billion mentally and physically challenged people will reside in this world. The crucial question is how the world is going to take care of them? 3 The Problem : What’s Next ? ©At 2022, every residents in this world is so worried about their future  the uncontrollable growth of number of people, lack of land for cultivation and of course pollution… The World Needs A Super Hero To Save Her From The Impending Disaster…

4 The Arrival Of A Super Hero… ©Who Is Heal The World ? 4 At the utter stage of despair, the super hero arrives to save the world with its name ‘Heal The World’ … ©How Will He Save The World ? A sustainable organic farming project that employs physically & mentally disabled people through special training program. Heal the world will is intended to save the world from : ‐Chemical/inorganic foods that highly impacts human health and its future generation. ‐It aims to employ the mentally & physically challenged people so that they do not feel as burden of the society  thus to promote equality among all the citizens.

5 ©The intention of our project is to employ handicapped people and to create economic & work provision for them. ©A supervisor or trainer will supervise the work of a team of a 10 handicapped workers. ©The physically and mentally challenged people will be given specialized training to prepare them as productive work force. Our Role In : Heal The World ©We are working in the management committee of our social business named ‘Project : heal the world’, where we contribute by - 5 ©In our project Interrelated organic farm means by using vermicompost, 2 or more agricultural projects will be amalgamated. Such as: ‐Producing horticulture and raising cattle and finally using wastage and manure as a raw material for vermicompost ‐Cultivating rice, using husk and germ for producing rice barn oil and then use leftover for vermicompost Creating an Interrelated chain Quality Organic farming Empowering handicapped people by providing proper training & engaging them into economic activities This will lead to: Cost Efficiency and low wastage: as raw material cost will be less Higher quality : as from the low level quality can be monitored This will lead to: Increase number of productive human resources. Contibution in reducing social disparity.

6 The Attraction Factors! ©Pioneering project in organic food production. ©Flexible work timing ©Innovation ©Health ©Learning focused ©Work life balance ©More human touch ©Overwhelming support from the society and community ©More economic and social security ©Education in work ©We are Total CSR ©And overall….. VERY HIGH IMOTIONAL CONNECT AND EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 6  Profit oriented  Socially un-empathetic  Looks for the best resources and privileged ones  Outcome focused  Less employee engagement & high turnover  Tremendous competition, work pressure and less job satisfaction  Will spend huge amount of money for CSR  And overall…. UTTER NEGLIGENCE TO TACKLE THE IMPENDING THREAT OF 2050. A Typical Company in 2022 Our Organization in 2022

7 Technologies We Are Using… ©Modern Agricultural concept like Vermicompost, which will be the basis of our project by substituting Expensive & detriment to Environment artificial fertilizer 7 ©Haptic interaction with holographic images  to train the handicapped people ©Lactometer  to measure the impurities in our produced products ©Web based documentation and communication software to track employee record.

8 Skill on Information Technology Managerial Skill Emotional Intelligence Human Skill/ Sensitivity Free thinking and creativity Skill Sets Required… 8 Set of skills required for working in our organization Apart from technical expertise, working in our organization will require high skill on handling human and social sensitivity. Being intended to produce high quality agro production and simultaneously handling mentally & physically challenged work teams, Heal The World would require the rare combination of technical & human skills of its employees.

9 The Dream Education System… 9 Creativity & thinking as a skill Online Education. Green Education Ethics, moral & Humanity End of theoretical & classroom learning Education will include creativity and thinking as formal course matter. Education and information will be more open and accessible by free tutorials and web based course materials Less boxed class rooms, class will take place in open field or green pastures with holographic image and videos. Every level of education will encompass the importance of high moral and ethical standard as well as humanity. Education at every level will be more like community involvement  not traditional humdrum classroom learning.

10 Reference and Photo Credit © © © © aphic.html aphic.html © ©http://www.redicecreations.com © © © © 10

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