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CJ-7 Training and Exercises ICAT (PMT) Introductory Brief

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1 CJ-7 Training and Exercises ICAT (PMT) Introductory Brief
(CJ-7 TREX) ICAT (PMT) Introductory Brief The advisor’s primary purpose is to create a professional relationship based on trust that will inspire and influence their counterparts to effective action. RS OPPLAN ANNEX YY DEFINITIONS UNCLASSIFIED

2 Agenda Schedule for PDT Resolute Support (RS) OPLAN
Purpose of ICAT (PDT) CJ 7 TREX introduction CJ 7 TREX products and portal UNCLASSIFIED

3 Program of Instruction
Ser. SUBJECT INSTRUCTOR TIME/LOCATION Remarks 14 Oct 1 TREX/ICAT Intro Capt Ross Randwick Bks 2 Functional Based – Security Force Assistance (FB-SFA) Video Randwick Bks Break 3 FB-SFA Intro Randwick Bks 4 Fundamentals of Advising LCDR Anglesey Randwick Bks 15 Oct 6 Afghan Cultural overview Randwick Bks 7 Interpreter Dynamics Randwick Bks 9 Insider Threat Capt Ross/ LCDR Anglesey Randwick Bks Break during 10 Scenario Group Exercise Randwick Bks UNCLASSIFIED

4 RS OPLAN (FB-SFA) Operational Mission. (NIU) RESOLUTE SUPPORT, in strategic partnership with GIRoA, conducts FB-SFA Train Advise Assist (TAA) to enable a credible, capable and increasingly sustainable ASI and ANSF. Method: a) FB-SFA (TAA) will be informed by a comprehensive functional analysis of ASI/ANSF capability gaps and developmental shortfalls that enables a prioritization and allocation of resources. b) Alignment of advisory efforts in support of critical processes, systems, and organizations within the Afghan system. UNCLASSIFIED

5 RS OPLAN (FB-SFA) This TAA effort will connect tactical-level security forces to their respective ministries through the application of 8 Essential Functions. Centered in Kabul and resident at designated Corps and Type A police HQs, advisors synchronize efforts horizontally and vertically in order to coordinate along critical Afghan processes from the strategic to the tactical. As an integrated approach, selected HQ RS personnel will conduct both nominal staff responsibilities and advisory duties with identified ASI/ANSF counterparts. UNCLASSIFIED

6 OPLAN (TECHCON) Technical Control (TECHCON). TECHCON, the provision of specialist and technical advice by designated authorities for the management and operations of forces. TECHCON authorizes information and Request For Information (RFI) flows up and down the EF for the purpose of providing SME advice and understanding of issues. TECHCON allows the EF Lead to align advisors from tactical Security Force Assistance Advisory Team (SFAATs) to Strategic (Special Advisors) with key issues and guidance. TECHCON does not give authority to reorganize or reallocate advisors from one mission to another. Any changes to Advisors’ roles, place of work, or Afghan contact is to be formalized via the command and control chain. ** TECHCON is an Australian Doctrinal Term UNCLASSIFIED

7 2. ICAT (PDT) Purpose of ICAT
The purpose of ICAT is to (better) prepare advisors for the ISAF/Resolute Support Mission (RSM). ICAT will instruct advisors on the FBSFA processes, encompass instructions on the advisor tools available, enroll advisors into the Advisor Network Tool (ANET) and provide Advisors with an understanding on (incl. practical aspects of) advising at the Ministerial level. End State The advisors in ISAF/RSM have a common understanding of FBSFA, the 8 EF’s and the overall FB-SFA management process, are enrolled in the ANET, know how to work with the advisor tools available, and are better prepared to advise in their geographical location. UNCLASSIFIED

8 2. In Country Advisor Training (ICAT)

9 From CAAT to CJ-7 TREX CAAT until SEP 14 CJ-7 TREX
: CAAT is to assist commanders to integrate all aspects of COIN operations – 2013: CAAT is to identify “Gaps and Seams” in the execution of the ISAF Campaign Plan (SFA) CAAT until SEP 14 CJ-7 TREX Produce, refine and publish SFA Guide Develop and maintain FB-SFA Collaboration portal Coordinate with and provide CAAT advisors to US and NATO training centers Perform an assessment on FB-SFA execution (advise advisors) Develop, refine and maintain the Advisor Network Tool (ANET) Observe and assist IAW COMISAF’s concerns Develop a ‘roadshow’ for internal communication of FB-SFA Update the SFA Guide when necessary Coordinate with and provide advisors to US and NATO training centers Integrate into PDT Organize In Theatre Training Maintain the Advisor Network Tool (ANET) Manage Resolute Support Mission Best Practices and Lessons Learned process UNCLASSIFIED

10 CJ-7 TREX Layout TREX HQ Staff Training Lessons learned FB-SFA support
TREX N Mazar-e-Sharif TREX W Herat TREX S Kandahar TREX HQ, ISAF TREX E Bagram TREX HQ Staff Training Lessons learned FB-SFA support Nationalities: BUL, EST, FRA, GER, NLD, US UNCLASSIFIED 10

11 CJ-7 TREX Layout TREX HQ Staff Training Lessons learned FB-SFA support
TREX N Mazar-e-Sharif TREX S Kandahar TREX HQ, ISAF TREX E Bagram TREX HQ Staff Training Lessons learned FB-SFA support Nationalities: BUL, EST, FRA, GER, NLD, US Post TREX W laydown UNCLASSIFIED 11

12 4. CJ-7 TREX Products Products and Reports Special Projects
ISAF Staff Officers Handbook 2014 Products and Reports Best practice information (SFA/TAA Guide and training material, IT Handbook etc.) Special Projects - SFA Guides 3.0 (3.1 electronic updates) - Promote SFA Guide 3.0 throughout C-JOA and National/NATO Training Centers Other Activities - Lessons Learned dissemination – CALL, NATO, Joint Analysis LL Center, NTCs - Limited embeds: Advise/Assist, BSO inbriefs/outbriefs - Pre-deployment Events (observe, advise, assist) UNCLASSIFIED

13 4. CAAT/CJ7 TREX Portal Site
Next is the CAAT Homepage and SFA Collaboration Site. The CAAT was established in 2009 to observe, advise and assist on areas of strategic importance to the Command across Afghanistan, and that mission continues into the realm of FB-SFA. In addition to the FB-SFA Guide 3.0 which you have received in hard copy, the guide is also on the portal and is regularly updated online. The arrows on the slide point to additional links you, as an advisor, will want to check out. These links include the video you saw earlier, the Insider Threat Handbook, the CAAT-A List for current TTPs and Situational Awareness, and the SFA Collaboration Site. (Click) UNCLASSIFIED

14 4. SFA Collaboration Portal
Navigation Pages Click Click On the Home Page of the SFA Collaboration Site you will find a Quick Links to the SFA Video and SFA Guide You will also see an SFA Forum with items of interest to advisors. You may upload items to this site, or to any of the individual EF tab sites across the top. Two other key links are the Afghan Process Maps tab, which has graphical depictions of over 70 Afghan processes, and the Advisor Network tab which was explained in the video. This tab will be your point of entry into the Network of over 1500 advisors aligned across all 8 EFs and is being designed so that you can easily locate yourself and see who you and your Afghan counterpart are connected to, both vertically and horizontally. This tool, combined with the process maps and other resources available, will allow you to rapidly integrate into the operational environment and begin your advisory mission. UNCLASSIFIED

15 4. SFA Guide 3.1 The SFA Guide 3.0 was designed as a portable, user friendly tool to aid you in your mission as an advisor to the ANSF. It is tabbed for quick reference and you will likely come to rely on it as an indispensable piece of kit. It begins with an explanation of how to best use the Guide with the following chapters arranged to explain SFA in general, the Resolute Support Mission and Functionally-Based SFA including the 8 Essential Functions, your role as an Advisor, the complex Operational Environment, the Afghan Actors you will work with, and finally the Resolute Support Actors. (Click) UNCLASSIFIED

16 4. SFA Guide 3.1 - Annexes Many helpful references
to enable the Advisor’s understanding of the complex environment. Org charts Process maps Array of forces Equipment Training requirements METLs The Annexes in the back of the Guide contain many helpful references to enable the Advisor’s understanding of the complex environment you are entering. These include organizational charts for the ANSF, over 70 process maps, array of forces charts, rank insignias, equipment lists, training requirements and Mission Essential Task Lists for the ANSF to name a few. UNCLASSIFIED

17 Questions Capt Ross LCDR Anglesey

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