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Economic Improvement District Presentation November 6, 2014.

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1 Economic Improvement District Presentation November 6, 2014

2 MMDA Mission Statement The MMDA exists to promote a cooperative business environment in downtown Medford as a regional center, working together to enhance, support and advocate for businesses in the downtown area. In other words, the MMDA has two primary goals: increase participation and cooperation of businesses in the downtown area and bring foot traffic back to the district.

3 Creating A Vibrant Downtown Comprehensive Consistent Marketing Progressive Events Holiday Lights Flower Baskets Maintenance

4 One West Main Our New Neighbors

5 The bar has been raised and it is imperative that we make sure that the core of downtown is as well maintained, as vibrant, as beautiful and marketed as well as the Commons and One West Main. Welcome to Metro Medford.

6 Keeping pace with changing times  There’s a new story to tell our community about Metro Medford our Downtown Business District and creating awareness and consistent communication about all that is taking place is critical to our success. We need ongoing and cooperative marketing that will make downtown “top of mind”

7 The MURA Grant The HMA received a $50,000 grant from the Medford Urban Renewal Agency in July 2012 The grant was awarded in order for us to develop a strong brand and then to utilize that brand to “Market” the new district as Metro Medford.  This needs to be much more than a$50,000 band- aid for us to truly succeed. This was a starting point

8 We know where we want to go…but how do we get there? The exciting and necessary changes we need to keep us “in the game” and to realize the vision we all share for downtown requires stable, adequate funding.  The EID is the answer.

9 The first pass at creating an EID We were 3% over the threshold for the EID to pass. The REASONS:  In spite of town hall meetings and numerous mailings, property owners simply respond with questions or concerns.  The City mailing got their attention – but property owners still were unclear about why we needed this revenue and how it would be used.

10 Overcoming Obstacles  M eeting with property owners one on one  Advisory panel sharing info one property owner to another  Reversing property owner objections

11 EID Advisory Panel  Scott Henselman  Phyllis Nelson  Mark De Boer  Rolar Yondorf  John Duffie  Sally Densmore  Fred Robinson  Jeff Hall

12 Testimonials  “ It’s time for the EID. You have the support of all my properties and those I manage for property owners”, Scott Henselman  “While the amount charged to property owners will be minimal, the collective impact will allow Metro Medford to effectively do the things needed to make downtown an inviting, vibrant place to do business. I have been part of EID and BID projects in other communities and all have seen strong improvement in the merchantability of their historic downtowns after the creation of the district. ”, Randy Mc Kay – Jefferson Live!  “With MURA sun setting it’s time for others to pick up the ball and continue the positive momentum. The EID is a logical path for stakeholders to come together and pool resources for efficiency”, Rolar Yondorf

13 EID Proposed Zones The proposed economic improvement district is broken into two zones. The larger Zone 1 includes most properties from 4th to 10th, the Creek to Fir Street, with the additional Main and 8th Street blocks from Fir to Holly. Zone 2 is an overlay district that would encompass what is commonly referred to as the downtown core – Main Street from Bear Creek to Front and Central from 6th to 8th Street. A map is enclosed for your reference.

14 Proposed Assessment Values  MMDA is proposing that property owners be assessed annually:  0.10 cents per gross square foot of property in Zone 1  0.15 cents per gross square foot of property in Zone 2  $2000 cap on any one property  $500 cap on any property owned by a non profit  This assessment is anticipated to raise approximately $316,946 over the 3 year period.

15 EID Scope Of Work January 2015 - December 2017  Beautification Programs  District Maintenance  Administrative Cost - District Management  Marketing, Promotion and Events   Total Budget$316,946

16 Beautification  Seasonal Hanging flower baskets in core district  Holiday lights, decorations, wreaths, holiday scenery down Main Street to be enhanced each consecutive year  Decorative amenities such as bike racks, benches, trash receptacles and flower planters

17 District Maintenance  Materials and labor for maintenance of the following items:  Cleaning, watering, maintenance of tree wells, removal and replacement of seasonal plants, cleaning and maintenance of trash receptacles, bike racks, benches, pressure washing sidewalks.  Maintenance of street banners and future way finding signage.(may not be required during initial 3 year period)

18 Marketing, Promotion & Events  New and ongoing comprehensive marketing of the Metro Medford district.  Integrated marketing using traditional media & social media to create top of mind awareness.  Development and production of signage and printed materials. Maintenance and expansion of the Metro Medford website as a tool to promote downtown.  Creation and expansion of progressive events that bring foot traffic downtown, position downtown as a cultural tourism destination and create a new perspective and experience.

19 Scope of Work and Budget ItemPercentageBudget Beautification programs 25%$75,275 District Maintenance 20%$60,220 District Management 20%$60,220 Marketing, Promotion & Events 35%105,384 Sub Total100%$301,099 City Administrative Fee 5%$15,847 Total$316,946

20 The Next Steps  Property owners will receive an official letter from the City at least thirty (30) days prior to each scheduled public hearing.  The first public hearing will deal with the establishment of an EID.  The second hearing allows the City Council, after hearing from property owners, to proceed or not to proceed with the EID.

21 Questions, feedback, comments Contact: Diane Bentley Raymond MMDA Executive Director Tel. 541.521.1893 Email

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