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National Equity Project Achieve Equity By Design LaShawn Routé Chatmon Executive Director Photos © Kat Nyberg.

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1 National Equity Project Achieve Equity By Design LaShawn Routé Chatmon Executive Director Photos © Kat Nyberg

2 We believe every child has a right to a quality education. We coach people to become the powerful leaders who make good on that promise.

3 Our Moral Imperative to Achieve Educational Equity The National Equity Project Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development. Kofi Annan

4 Our Mission To dramatically improve the achievement, experiences and life trajectory of students who have been historically underserved. The National Equity Project

5 What We Believe The National Equity Project Educational Equity is an Outcome Achieving Equity Requires Dialogue A Different Type of Leadership is Needed Ordinary People are Capable of Extraordinary Change Data Used Well Makes for Good Decision-making

6 What We Do The National Equity Project We provide coaching and leadership development services. We help you align your everyday practices with your values and intentions as an educator and leader. We are your partner in making good on the promise of a quality education for every child.

7 What We’ve Found There’s no shortage of recommendations and prescriptions for how to achieve equity in education. The challenge lies in the application of any of these interventions with people.

8 What We’ve Learned The National Equity Project There’s a gap between our intention for a quality education for every child, and the actions we take and conditions we provide, that prevent students from succeeding to their full potential.

9 A system, any system, produces what it is designed to produce. from “Bridges, Tunnels, and School Reform: It’s the System Stupid: by Thomas Kelly Phi Delta Kappan, October 2007 All organizations are perfectly aligned to get the level of trust they get. A Systems Truism The National Equity Project

10 Pair Share The National Equity Project What was high school like for you? What do you want the students and families of New North High School to experience?

11 Increased Understanding of the Role Structures Play in Reproducing Educational Inequity SCHOOL HUB Cultural, Language, & Heritage Services Nutrition & Physical Education Providers City Parks, Recreation, & Libraries Medical, Dental, & Health Services Mental Health Counseling and Mentoring Programs Post- Secondary Linking Programs Housing and Employment Services Parent/Family Childcare and Early Learning Programs Create a New Vision The National Equity Project

12 Oakland Unified School District 1999 Academic Performance Index The National Equity Project Take Bold & Effective Action

13 Oakland Unified School District 2009 Academic Performance Index The National Equity Project Take Bold & Effective Action

14 Accomplishments Closing the Gap in English Proficiency: Three Long-term Oakland Elementary School Partners The National Equity Project

15 Accomplishments Oakland Unified has been the most improved urban district in CA for the last 5 years. The National Equity Project

16 Equity by Design: What It Does? Equity by Design The National Equity Project Builds the capacity of leaders to analyze, design, operate, and navigate systems and structures that lead to equitable outcomes and the effective management of organizational change

17 Equity by Design Our Approach Equity by Design The National Equity Project Equity by Design services help schools and nonprofits become more collaborative and democratic in their leadership, structures, operations, and communications. This improves adult culture and practice in order to reduce racial disparities in student outcomes.

18 Our Approach The National Equity Project Create solutions using human centered-design The System Structures ProcessPattern Information IdentityRelationships

19 Listening Campaign Equity by Design The National Equity Project Stakeholder Interviews Focus Group Discussions Qualitative Data Analysis Facilitated Data Presentation Summary Report of Findings Coaching Conversation on Recommendations

20 The National Equity Project STAGE ONE STAGE TWO STAGE THREE Central Office School Site Business & Neighborhood Community District Equity Leadership Team Design Team Formation Implementation and/or Leadership Team Formation Executive Coaching VISIONING DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT IMPLEMENTATION MAP OF THE SCHOOL DESIGN PROPOSAL

21 Support creation of an implementation plan modified by proposal feedback and legal constraints. Support analysis of the gap between School Design Proposal and district policies and procedures Stage IIaStage IIbStage III Stage IV Stage I Workshop Sessions: Orientation Equity by Design Incubation Forming Design Teams Community Partnerships Data and Inquiry Other: School Visits Workshops Sessions: School Program Design Leadership, Governance, Management Building Instructional Leadership Family and Community Engagement Structures Data-based Inquiry Implementation Plan is approved and MOU signed and Board approved. Support Project Management for development of: * Practices * Tools * Policies * Materials Establish network of teacher and school leaders. School Growth and Demonstration Opening (1-2 years) Demonstrating Growing (2-4 years) Developing (4-10 months) Implementing (4 months-1 year) Designing (1-3 months) Visioning ( 4 months-1 year) Prepare the environment for New School Development. Provide and Receive feedback from school community Identify and request members for the Design Team Support development of design teams. Make Standards and Values explicit. Support development of new vision. Describe district and community context Clarify process and incubator commitments. Develop data awareness. Support development of a Theory of Instruction. Support development of a School Design Proposal Formal formation of the Design Team Support development of team management processes The work The activities The New School is Fully Matured Letter of Intent naming Design Team Members and outlining initial school vision. School Design Proposal Reviewed and Approved Workshops Sessions: Implementation Planning Budget Professional Development Accountability Systems Project Management Conferences Listening Campaign Creating the Vision Workshops Distribution of materials School Development 101 Orientations The New School Opens it Doors Structural and operational conditions in the school are solidified. Members express an interest to participate on the Design Team New North High School New School Development Stage VStage VI School Design Support School Leaders through formalized leadership development Manage Leading for Equity Circle and other Network activities. Coaching and Professional Development towards teaching practice improvements. The New School Continues to Grow and Develop Stages of School Dev’t Stages of School Development New Learning Communities Implementation Planning New School Community

22 Other Questions? Thank You for Your Consideration! The National Equity Project Headquarters 1720 Broadway, 4 th Floor Oakland, CA 94610 510.208.0160 The National Equity Project

23 More Accomplishments: Now in Eight States The National Equity Project


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