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Jacobs Future Weekend 2014 Jacobs Future Huntsville.

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1 Jacobs Future Weekend 2014 Jacobs Future Huntsville

2 Agenda Background Information Sessions
Challenge / Teambuilding / Networking Jacobs Future – Huntsville (Hannah) Questions

3 Background [Blah blah blah what is JF weekend, what does it represent for the company, how long has it been going on, how many esssa types have gone…]

4 Weekend Agenda Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Arrival
Social Time / Picnic / Bonfire Friday Informational Sessions Cocktail Reception / Formal Dinner Saturday Challenge Course Cultural Caberet Sunday Departure

5 Session Topics “Sales and the New Employee” “Jacobs and You”
The importance of irreverence, business benefits of a good attitude. “Jacobs and You” The relationship between Jacobs and employees. “One Jacobs: Building a Single Identity” Integrating acquisitions and global offices into a single corporate culture. “Checking In & BeyondZero” Safety message, importance of being willing to check in with people even if it’s uncomfortable. Career Development Workshop Ethics Ethics case studies. Difficult customers, “worksharing”. The difference between acting in the customers’ best interest and simply saying “yes” to whatever they want.

6 Challenge Activities Assessing the expertise of team members to achieve optimal results. Encouraging others to achieve in spite of their own doubts. Keeping communication open throughout all processes.

7 Cultural Cabaret Opening communication lines within the region to encourage networking. Collaborating with other young career employees to create a successful product. Embracing the cultures that encompass JACOBS.

8 Key Takeaways Jacobs Technology is unique in the Jacobs world, and ESSSA is unique in Jacobs Technology. The differences in our business, our proximity to the customer, the nature of the work make many of the “One Jacobs” initiatives difficult/impossible to implement. Employees that are part of a JFN are more engaged, more prepared, and more invested in the company. Jacobs Technology needs to foster those kinds of ties in its employees to prevent brain drain. ESSSA management should support and encourage the establishment of a Jacobs Future Network in Huntsville.

9 Jacobs Future Network Huntsville
Benefits Challenges Requests

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