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AccreditationEncore New Standards, New Thinking & Next Steps.

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1 AccreditationEncore New Standards, New Thinking & Next Steps

2 Thinking Differently Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why. -- Bernard Baruch

3 Thinking Differently Mission Fulfillment Implied  Explicit What does that mean?Achievements Assumed  Assessed How do you know? Evidence of Effectiveness Anecdotal  Verifiable Show me the data!

4 Core ThemesCore Theme Objectives Indicators for Core Theme Objectives Mission

5 Revised Standards Standard One: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations Standard Two: Resources and Capacity Standard Three: Planning and Implementation Standard Four: Effectiveness and Improvement Standard Five: Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, and Sustainability

6 Changes in Terminology Strategic Plan Goals Objectives Targets Mission Core Themes Objectives Indicators Mission

7 Standard One – Core Themes & Objectives The institution identifies core themes that individually manifest essential elements of its mission and collectively encompass its mission. The institution establishes objectives for each of its core themes and identifies meaningful, assessable, and verifiable indicators of achievement that form the basis for evaluating accomplishment of the objectives of its core themes.

8 Year One Report Timeline – Spring 2011 Report on Standard One: Mission, Core Themes & Expectations Report reviewed by committee of evaluators. Findings forwarded to Board of Commissioners.

9 Year Three Report & Visit – Spring 2013 Year Five Report – Spring 2015 Year Seven Report & Visit – Spring 2017 (THIS IS IT!)

10 How did we get to today? A Standard One Committee was convened during Spring Quarter Committee read and researched, then met to draft core themes based on the college’s mission, adding some definition for clarity

11 Core Themes & Objectives A core theme expresses a fundamental aspect of our mission along with specific objectives. It guides planning for programs and services, development of capacity, application of resources to accomplish those objectives, and assessment of achievements.

12 Proposed Core Themes Learning Opportunities for All Building Healthy Communities Creating & Supporting Educational Transitions Fostering Sustainable Systems

13 Examples from our Current Strategic Plan Fostering Sustainable Systems Obj. 4.1 - Develop and implement an inclusive planning process for upgrading and building sustainable facilities throughout the district. Obj. 4.2 – Develop and implement a district-wide integrated plan for purchasing, maintaining, upgrading, and replacing technology and equipment for classrooms and college operations.

14 More Examples… Fostering Sustainable Systems Obj. 4.5 - Establish regenerative and sustainable processes in campus facilities, grounds, and college operations. Obj. 5.3 – Continually assess the college governance system to ensure improved inclusiveness and better accountability in decision making.

15 We Need Your Input! If possible, please attend the session this afternoon to: 1. Identify core theme objectives in areas of interest to you, and 2. Provide input regarding the proposed Core Themes If you can’t attend the session today, there will be a number of other opportunities to input

16 Next Steps Results from input from the college community regarding objectives will be synthesized and posted on the SVC portal for comment and feedback to ensure wide input from stakeholders. As the objectives become clearer, potential indicators for those objectives will be identified. The Standard One report will be submitted mid-March.

17 Final Thoughts Just when I knew all of life's answers, they changed the questions. -- Anonymous

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