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Berks County Wine Trail Presentation to the Berks County Board of Commissioners – August 2009.

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1 Berks County Wine Trail Presentation to the Berks County Board of Commissioners – August 2009

2 Welcome to the Berks County Wine Trail and its member wineries

3  8 participating family-owned wineries in the Berks Region: Bashore & Stoudt County Winery Kog Hill Winery Blair Vineyards Long Trout Winery Calvaresi Winery Manatawny Creek Winery Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery Pinnacle Ridge Winery  trail organized in 2004  share unique philosophies to quality winemaking  encompass winemaking with locally grown grapes and fruits – from Chardonnay, Merlot, Vidal, Chambourcin to Peaches, Mulberry, Apples, Raspberries and more … a true celebration of local agriculture! About us…

4 Berks County Wine Trail 2009  member wineries span the entire Berks region  Public enjoys seeing agricultural farmland & tourism attractions during their self- guided exploration of our wine trail

5  collaboration between the wineries supports 4 annual events each year: Chocolate & Wine Cool Wine Treat A Taste of Spring! Artisan Cheese & Wine  the opportunity of the wineries’ daily activities also promotes PA winemaking, viticulture and agriculture About us…

6  each of us loves wine, winemaking and agriculture  we each enjoy sharing this passion with the public who stops by to experience a taste of Berks County  we love it when they not only buy a bottle for themselves but buy one for a friend or loved one who doesn’t know yet that great wines are made here Why we do it…

7  some of the wineries grow their own fruit as well as produce the wines; others purchase fruit from other growers in the region, producing the wines here in Berks  at the more established wineries, the winemakers work fulltime at their craft  while others, still in transition, juggle a day job or corporate career while carving out time for their second career & true passion – winemaking How we do it…

8 crushing bottling

9  culture of winemaking - PA  philosophy of winemaking – BCWT  soil & climate characteristics  grapes (vinifera) & fruits grown & produced into wines  spectrum wines found along the trail include….  crops this year – weather (rain!) impact on orchards, berry patches, vineyards BCWT & winemaking

10 grapes vineyard

11  we enjoy a steady growth in consumer/tourism attendance since our inception  wine trail events attract new patrons as well as encourage regular patrons to pay a visit  wines sales up nationally & in PA (combination of consumer interest in wine and the recession)  Consumer interest in locally grown foods is booming  The combination of locally grown fruits/grapes…domestic wine popularity…and consumers staying close to home to enjoy the fruits we produce – makes wineries like ours very fortunate Our fruitful vantage point

12  the bonus in all of this: our visitors find themselves immersed in the agricultural landscape of our region when they come to visit any of our wineries  each year event attendance and overall awareness increases significantly, since we became a trail, visitors to the wineries has more than doubled.  we continue to explore ways to keep expanding this awareness of what Berks County has to offer via the avenue of its wineries Our fruitful vantage point

13 Wine produced by the Berks County Wine Trail Wineries… …stems from a year round agricultural process

14 A visual tour of the eight wineries along the Berks County Wine Trail…

15 Long Trout Winery

16 Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery - Robesonia

17 Calvaresi Winery

18 Manatawny Creek Winery

19 Kog Hill Winery

20 Pinnacle Ridge Winery

21 Bashore & Stoudt Country Winery

22 Blair Vineyards

23 Young vine takes root in a protective covering Vineyard ready for harvest

24 Oak barrels used to age wine Stainless steel tanks are used to ferment and/or to age wine

25 Festive wine pairings are often featured at wine trail events


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