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International Society for Krishna Consciousness Founder-acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

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1 International Society for Krishna Consciousness Founder-acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

2 1. Introduction 2. Summary 3. Key Elements 4. Regions 5. Flow Chart 6. Regional Body Make up, Role, Interaction and Selection process 7. UKMC and Regional Council Member Service Descriptions 7. Further Consultation

3  Implementation of this realignment proposal will initially be based on those regions/temples/centres and congregations who are able and equipped to participate. In order to prepare temples/centres and congregations for such participation, this paper outlines the various elements of the proposed realignment.

4  The UK National Council and UK Management Council are invited to give full consideration to this paper and especially to who are/should represent the other centres and congregations in their designated regions.

5  Creating stronger and more effective regional representation  Ensuring better and more focused inter communication between regional centres and congregations  Facilitating more autonomous decision making within regions

6  Establishing a clear regional framework and structure  Creating a more organized and manageable national configuration  A national structure best suited to facilitate future expansion

7  If the UK management council endorse this proposal they are requested to support it in an active way by promoting and regularly discussing the essential necessity and benefits of national unity and co-operation. 7

8  A key issue is that of resources. We tend to generate resources and funds and then own them locally. As such there is an apathy toward paying for and supporting governance nationally.  This apathy is the number one cause for the lack of leadership that we complain's the number one cause for the lack of effectiveness of both national and indeed international leadership.  Just imagine how difficult it would be to function at local level if you were starved of resources because resources raised were kept privately by individuals. 8

9  Another key issue is strategy. Generally form follows function. Hence structure generally flows from strategy. Again, for us to embrace a national strategy, leaders need to identify nationally. Right now that is sorely lacking. 9

10  Another key element is the scope of our national structure. As we all are now aware, ISKCON UK is primarily a congregationally based yatra, therefore logic would dictate that our structures should encompass, involve and empower our congregations. It is no longer sufficient for our structures to simply encompass temples and centres 10

11  5 regions are initially proposed

12  Region 1 - Scotland and the North 2. Proposed Regions

13  Region 2 - The Midlands 2a. Proposed Regions

14 2b. Proposed Regions  Region 3 – London North

15  Region 4 – London and the South East 2c. Proposed Regions

16 Region 5 – Wales and the South West 2d. Proposed Regions

17 ISKCON UK UKMC UK Regional Bodies Temples Congregations Centres

18  Each UK Regional Body will consist of: (where applicable)  G BCs  Regional Secretaries  TPs and other temple representatives  Centre Reps  Congregational Reps

19  Oversees regional preaching and management  Proposes members for ratification by UKMC  Has authority of members by delegation from the UKMC  Inputs to UKMC by giving feedback on their deliberations and offering items to them for discussion

20  Monthly Istagoshtis discussing both preaching and management  Quarterly joint preaching programs  Regular sharing of ideas and resources  Building relationships 20

21  UKMC will decide on initial membership of Regional Bodies  Subsequent changes to Regional Bodies to be proposed by the body itself and then ratified by the UKMC  All constituent parts of Regional Bodies represented by that body can give their suggestions to their local representative as to who might serve on their regional body

22  Gives spiritual leadership  Maintains and uphold national vision  Does not serve in any other capacity that may cause conflict of interest  Service is full time  Aware of financial and legal issues of zone  Oversees work of relevant regional council  Communicates regularly with the members of relevant regional council

23  Accountable for strategic development of projects within their region  Sees to appropriate adherence to regional vision consistent with national vision  Ensures monthly reports are available from temples and projects in their region for the UKMC  Ensures spiritual standards in all temples within their region

24  Oversees maintenance of properties (according to property trustee standards)  Ensures national UK MC standards (byelaws and resolutions) are followed  Travels regularly within their region

25  If you require further clarification or explanation of this realignment proposal you are welcome to contact:  

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