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A Portal for the Future Warren Holder Electronic Information Resources Co-ordinator Information Technology Services November 19, 2003.

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1 A Portal for the Future Warren Holder Electronic Information Resources Co-ordinator Information Technology Services November 19, 2003

2 1 CONCERT (CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan). “ There Is Something About Electronic Resources”

3 2 Electronic Journal Services Background Evolution of Services –Systems –Collections –Users Use and Impact of Electronic Journals Ontario Scholars Portal

4 3 University of Toronto –Largest university in Canada — 55,000 students –St. George campus + 2 suburban campuses University of Toronto Library –Largest library in Canada — Ranks in top 5 in ARL –Central Library + 35 college, faculty & department libraries 13,000,000 volumes (books & microforms) 30,000 current print serials Use of electronic journals The University of Toronto

5 4 Background – U of T Libraries Largest library in Canada –9,000,000books & microforms 60,000current serials Central Libraries + 40 College & Faculty Libraries In top 5 in ARL ranking

6 5 Electronic Resources at the U of T LicensedPublicTotal Journals 13,9311,87015,801 Books 7,259537,312 Newspapers 2,529162,545 Indexes 41343456 Reference 17974253 ——— ——— ——— Total 24,3112,05626,367 (As of September 12, 2002)

7 6 Electronic Holdings Increase in holdings in past year Newspapers2% Indexes & Abstracts7% Journals14% Reference Sources29% Books1,917%

8 7 Evolution of E-journal Services Local Systems –1996OCLC SiteSearch –1997ScienceServer –2002ENCOMPASS

9 8 Evolution of E-journal Services Local Collections –1996Elsevier (pilot study) –1997Elsevier (full collection) –1998Academic Press –1999Kluwer –2001Wiley + Springer –2002Harcourt + ACS Metadata

10 9 Number of Local E-journals

11 10 Evolution of E-journal Services Users Served –1997University of Toronto –1998+ University of New Brunswick –1999+ 5 Ontario universities –2000+ University of British Columbia + 5 Hospitals –2001 + 1 Ontario university –2002+12 Ontario universities

12 11 Size of User Community

13 12 Use and Impact of E-journals Number of Downloads Location of Use Time of Use Faculty Comments User Values Impact on Collections

14 13 Articles Downloaded – U of T

15 14 Articles Downloaded – U of T

16 15 Use ScienceServer – All Users

17 16 Use of E-journals – Downloads

18 17 Location of Use 2000/2001

19 18 OpenClosed Time of Day 25% of use

20 19 Impact on Users Comments from Faculty The addition of access to full text journal articles via your web site is terrific; the most positive step in handling of library materials since computerized catalogs. I am going to be brief and to the point: the online journal service is GREAT!!! To date, I haven’t been all that excited about the library services on this campus; however, this has really changed my opinion. I have found the use of electronic journals is now an indispensable part of my work. I used this extensively in preparing my recent grant applications. The value of electronic journals must be measured by more than just the content — the public relations value is inestimable

21 20 User Values Top Five Items Valued by Users Graduate Faculty User Group Undergraduate Books & other items in the stacks Journals (current & bound) Electronic Journals Catalogue of library resources - UTCat Internet & email account support Public computer workstations Item Electronic indexes, abstracts & other resources Study space: closed carrels Collections 1 1 1 22 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 The Library’s print collections are the most valued resources Electronic journals are the Faculty’s 3 rd most highly valued resource Study space is very highly valued by graduate students All users place a high value electronic resources

22 21 Impact on Collections

23 22 Ontario Scholars Portal Grew out of a proposal for An Information Infrastructure for an Ontario Digital Library Based on systems and services of the University of Toronto Library

24 23 Ontario Scholars Portal Funding –Content Canadian National Site Licensing Program Ontario University Libraries –Infrastructure Ontario Information Infrastructure –Staff Ontario Council of University Libraries

25 24 Goals ensure rapid and reliable response time for information services and resources provide for the long term, secure archiving of resources to ensure continued availability create a network of intellectual resources by linking ideas, materials, documents and resources provide an environment that fosters additional innovation in response to the needs of the users

26 25 Anticipated Impact Desktop access to electronic resources Higher productivity for students, faculty and researchers Equal and reliable access in the Ontario university system Development of new forms of information delivery, dissemination and communication Allow Ontario universities to become globally competitive suppliers of advanced teaching and research information resources

27 26 Key Outcome Creation of a provincial gateway to electronic resources A portal that provides a common mode of access to information resources for all faculty and students throughout Ontario

28 27 ComponentsContent Infrastructure Service/Support OntarioScholarsPortal

29 28 Content Journals –18 publishers –4,000 titles (75% on the Scholars Portal server) Indexes & abstracts –80,000,000 citations (50% on the Scholars Portal server) Books –6,000 titles Other –1,600,000 pages of full-text

30 29 Infrastructure Scholarly Information –Hardware 4 SUN 6800s Data Storage (4TB) Archival storage –Software ScienceServer ENCompass Web of Knowledge Resource Sharing –Hardware 2 web servers 2 application servers 1 terminal server –Software Fretwell-Downing VDX Operated by the University of Toronto Library on behalf of the Ontario Council of University Libraries

31 30 Services Scholarly Information –Access to CNSLP & OCUL licensed content –Current awareness services –Personalized services –User support Resource Sharing –Support for interlibrary loan & document delivery

32 31 The aim of the Ontario Scholars Portal: Never leave the user at a dead-end Any citation should have a link to: Integration of Resources Links to articles Local paper holdingsDocument request formAn electronic article Wiley Academic Elsevier Kluwer Ovid Springer IOP Catchword Highwire NRC Ingenta JSTOR Blackwell’s IAC SWETS ACM

33 32 Integration of Resources Into research –“my.alerts” current awareness services Into the curriculum –“my.library” personalized workspace Into the library’s services –Electronic resources database

34 33 Benefit to the Scholar Convenient access to electronic resources Greater range of electronic resources Equal access in all Ontario universities

35 34 Benefit to OCUL Libraries Access to electronic resources with low per institution costs for –Hardware –System management & operation Integration of electronic resources Control over hardware resources Secure archiving of content

36 35 Questions

37 36 Key URLs University of Toronto University of Toronto Libraries

38 37 Contact Information Warren Holder –Electronic Information Resources Co-ordinator Information Technology Services University of Toronto Library 130 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A5 CANADA –Phone:(416) 978-2286 –Fax:(416) 978-1668 –

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