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GPSoC re-procurement What does it mean for you? Peter Short GP partner Buxton, Buxton, Derbyshire GP Clinical Lead, HSCIC EMIS Web user.

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1 GPSoC re-procurement What does it mean for you? Peter Short GP partner Buxton, Buxton, Derbyshire GP Clinical Lead, HSCIC EMIS Web user

2 Where have we come from? Why replace GPSoC? Keeping the best bits? What is new? How will I benefit? Procuring ‘new’ GPSoC Who are the selected suppliers?

3 Where have we come from? The current position is derived from: Early pioneering work RFA 99 (Requirements for Accreditation) National initiatives such as GP2GP Consultation and agreement with professional bodies Defines the baseline for a modern paper-light General Practice Clinical IT system Plus other requirements, that have been developed and may be widely used Plus market innovation to meet end user demand provided by healthcare IT suppliers

4 Why replace GPSoC? Existing GPSoC framework contract cannot (legally) be extended Expired March 2013 Interim extension during re-procurement to March 2014 Framework allows suppliers to be paid... Specifies functionality provision and service levels

5 Keeping the best bits? GP systems are funded centrally Choice of GP system ‘Trusted’ suppliers Payment according to levels of service Continuity and security

6 What is new? Changes is the funding profile More for ‘new’ developments, less for ‘old’ system Interfaces (API type) Subsidiary modules choice for advanced functions, payment by usage New supplier opportunity Contract ambition for information sharing User experience related performance rewards/penalties Increased user input

7 How will I benefit? More user centric system developments and prioritisation Influence on supplier Growing choice of ‘partner’ software and functionality enhancement Information sharing Confidence in system longevity

8 3 Lots Lot 1 The GP Clinical IT System. Functionality that is essential for a modern paper-light practice. Already in use – or intended for use – by a large majority of practices. Funded centrally Lot 2 Additional Services. Other functionality that supports the practice. May be functionality that integrates with the principal clinical system, or may be independent. Funded locally Lot 3 Cross Care-Setting Interoperability Services. Services that integrate with Lot 1 systems to deliver end-to-end interoperability between GP practices and other care settings. Funded locally 8

9 Interfaces! Practice is in control Security maintained Exist from day 1 Recognise system impact Open for engagement Recognise supplier impact No charge for access Subsidiaries expose interfaces Integrate with all Play nicely Phase 2: Common interface mechanism....

10 Procurement for GPSoC We are currently progressing a new GPSoC framework to replace the existing arrangements and the procurement is now underway. GPSoC Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Invitation to Participate in Dialogue The GPSoC OJEU Notice published on 24 May 2013 indicated that all potential bidders against three lots should complete and submit pre- qualification questionnaires (PQQs). PQQs provide information on the potential bidders and encompass key areas such as their legal standing, financial capacity and technical capacity and capability. 57 PQQs received for lot 1 (GP clinical IT systems and modules), 64 for lot 2 (additional GP services) and 52 for lot 3 (cross care setting interoperable systems). Following detailed review of the PQQs a number of suppliers received an Invitation to Participate in Dialogue (ITPD). This stage of the procurement involves dialogue with the bidders in order to develop the final scope of the GPSoC contract before bidders are then asked to submit final proposals for evaluation. This dialogue takes place via a cycle of meetings covering key issues with each supplier.

11 GPSoC Invitation to Submit Outline Proposal 37 long listed bidders for Lot 1 (GP clinical IT systems and modules) were invited to submit an outline proposal. Bidders submitted their proposals on 6 September 2013. Following the evaluation of submitted Outline Proposals, a shortlist of 20 bidders was produced on 13 September 2013. These 20 shortlisted bidders have now been invited to submit detailed proposals, and will participate in further dialogue with the Authority ahead of any submission and contracts been awarded early next year (2014) for Lot 1. The 20 shortlisted bidders are:

12 20 short listed bidders Advanced Health and Care Limited Azeus Systems Limited Black Pear Software BMJ Informatica Systems Limited Dell Corporation DXS International PLC EMIS Limited InferMed Limited INPS Integrated Care 24 IPlato Healthcare Limited Microtest Limited MSD PAERS Limited PCTI Solutions Limited Prescribing Services Limited Purchasing Index Limited TPP SystmOne United Health (UK) Limited Wiggly Amps Limited

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