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1 Colin Buchanan A Mobility Management Plan for the National University of Ireland, Galway

2 About the Company  A leading independent multi-disciplinary practice  Aim is to find long- term solutions  Integrated approach  Over 200 staff; offices in the UK and Ireland  Study team based in Galway and Bristol NUIG

3 Our Track Record Mobility Management Planning Group Extensive Experience:  Employment  Education  Residential  Leisure Higher Education:  University of Glamorgan  Heriott-Watt University  Stirling University Winner of Welsh National Transport Award 2004

4 Strategic Planning at NUIG Nuig Expansion  Efficient site utilisation  Ensure maximum return for investment  Prepare for future growth  Planning consents Planning for Growth  University Masterplan  Mobility Management Strategy  Mobility Management Plan  Parking Management Policy Queen Elizabeth Park

5 Peer Review United Kingdom  Extensive uptake  Demonstrable best practice  University of Bristol  University of Glamorgan  University of East Anglia Europe  Widespread uptake  Established practice Glamorgan Bus Service

6 For NUIG What is Mobility Management?  Management Tool  Safeguarding Access  Maximise On-Site Resources  Minimise Impact on Local Network  Engage With Stakeholders  Partnership Working Queen Elizabeth Park

7 Outline Objectives for NUIG  To ensure access and improve choice of transport options to staff /students to the NUIG;  To ensure the optimal utilisation of NUIG car parking resources;  To reduce number of cars arriving at the NUIG; and  To reduce the environmental impact of the NUIG’s travel demands. NUIG

8 Initiating Mobility Management at NUIG  Identify Opportunities  Site Assessment  Existing transport infrastructure  Marketing and Awareness  Promotional Strategy  Engaging Stakeholders  Reference Group  University Community  Wider Galway ‘Community’  User Groups Public Consultation

9 Marketing and Data Collection  First stage of awareness raising  Engage stakeholders  Provide information  Tackle prejudice and misinformation  ‘Prime’ audience for further stages, including travel surveys  Involve User Groups Mobility Management ‘Roadshows’ NUIG

10 Data Collation and Analysis  Travel Surveys  Staff (and Student) body  Attitudinal and qualitative data collection  Electronic delivery and response  Traffic and Parking Surveys  Multi-modal access counts  Parking supply and demand  Analysis  Questionnaire data  Home address and accessibility assessment

11 Identifying a Mobility Management Strategy  Synthesise Thinking Into Draft Plan  Report on Data Collected and Analysis  Devise Objectives and Targets  Mobility Management Plan Strategy  Management and Resourcing  Marketing and Promotion  Measures  Implementation Programme (Phased with University Masterplan and Parking Policy)  Monitoring Strategy  Stakeholder Consultation Surveys

12 Parking Management Policy  Compliments Mobility Management Plan  Coherent vision for parking resource  Key aspect of successful demand management  Phased strategy to reflect University Masterplan NUIG

13 Work Schedule

14 Benefits  The plan will seek to reduce car reliance – it will not be anti-car.  Mobility Management Plans are effective - an average 18% reduction in single occupancy vehicles is recorded in UK and Europe.  Mobility Management Plans make commercial sense – a cohesive strategy that encompass all elements of access, travel and parking.  Effective consultation allows staff input to designing the right solutions.

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