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1 You have two minutes to draw a map of Birmingham.

2 Geographical profiling A set of techniques for making inferences about crime and criminals from the location and timing of offences.

3 Crime mapping Plot the crimes on the map then decide... – How many offenders do you think are responsible and why? – What other suggestions can you make about the offender(s)?

4 Crime mapping Source:

5 Crime mapping Source:

6 Offence clusters

7 Crime mapping Source:



10 Routine activity theory Crimes occur when three circumstances coincide: – A motivated offender – A suitable (and vulnerable) victim – Absence of a capable guardian Criminal offences are an extension of the offender’s normal activities, so will occur in places the offender makes regular use of

11 Circle theory of environmental range A circle drawn to encompass all the crimes in a series is likely to contain the offender’s base (Canter & Larkin, 1993). Where should the police look for the offender responsible for the cluster between the underground line and Durnsford road?

12 Dragnet analysis

13 Timing of offences Information about geographical location of crimes becomes more useful when combined with information about when offences occurred.

14 Crimes around Manchester University J F M A M J J A S O N D Street robbery Burglary How can we explain the fluctuations in different crimes over the year?

15 Mental maps How accurate is your map of Birmingham? How does your map reflect your experiences and perspective?

16 Mental maps Individuals construct mental maps of the areas they know. – These are not absolutely accurate. They embody the person’s experience and perspective on the area. – The distribution of linked offences may reflect the offender’s mental map of the area

17 How many different ways might geographical profiling contribute to police work? What issues may make geographical profiling difficult and/or misleading?

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