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SlotServer Configuration Presented by: Gordon MacLachlan (Mac)

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1 SlotServer Configuration Presented by: Gordon MacLachlan (Mac)

2 Presentation Highlights  Introduction  SlotServer Product Overview  Configuring the Driver interface  Configuring the ControlLogix interface  Q&A Session

3 Introducing the SlotServer  Direct connection from Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC and another network  Standard 1756 format plugging directly into the Allen Bradley ControlLogix rack  RS-485 port for devices/networks using RS-485 protocols  Ethernet port for Configuration Utilities & Ethernet devices/network  Standard LonWorks TP/FT-10 interface for LonWorks devices/network  Installing the SlotServer module is a very simple procedure LonWorks TP/FT-10 interface

4 SlotServer Hardware Features  Plug the SlotServer directly into the ControlLogix Communications rack  Scrolling text display with 3 status LED’s provides card status at a glance  A bank of six LED’s provides communications status at a glance, as well as additional diagnostic indications  Ethernet port for advanced troubleshooting purposes  Service Pin for LonWorks commissioning Diagnostic displays Trade Port Service Pin

5 SlotServer Hardware Features Hardware Specifications:  Backplane Load: 0.6A  Slot width: 1  Operating Temperature: -40 to 185 Deg. F  Humidity: 5-95% (non-condensing)

6 SlotServer Software Features  Transfer up to 6000 points between ControlLogix and many third party interface.  Configure the SlotServer to communicate with many different protocols, including LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys and Modbus.  Flexible configuration architecture allows for creative connectivity options.  Use the Standard SlotServer profiles for connection without SlotServer

7 SlotServer Software Features  Control communications in the ControlLogix software using standard generic message blocks  Example message block code provided in an ACD file with the SlotServer

8 SlotServer Selling Features  SlotServer allows connection of a Third Party Network to a ControlLogix system without the use of external gateways  SlotServer sits in the ControlLogix rack, thereby preserving cabinet “Real Estate”  SlotServer provides generic profiles (such as LonWorks Open Interface) or custom profiles (with configuration), allowing for a choice between ease and flexibility.

9 SlotServer Data Transfer Data Arrays. Map Third party points into and out of these data arrays and let the Logix driver do the rest. Multiple blocks exist so that the data can be mapped through the limited IO Buffer on the backplane using multiplexing.

10 SlotServer Logix Driver  The Logix driver is the driver that connects the SlotServer to the ControlLogix CPU via the backplane  The Logix Driver is configured in Config.csv in the SlotServer  Standard FieldServer Configuration principles apply

11 SlotServer Logix Driver Logix Connection Configuration  Configuration of the Logix Connection is standard as follows: //============================================================================ ==== // // Client Side Connections Connections Adapter ControlNet //============================================================================ ==== // // Client Side Nodes // Nodes Node_Name,Node_ID,Protocol,Timeout,Retry_Interval,Recovery_Interval SlotServer_CPU,11,Logix_SS,0.5s,0.1s,0.5s

12 SlotServer Logix Driver Logix Driver Mapping  Logix Input/Output Buffers are mapped to Data Arrays with the following Map Descriptors: Map_Descriptors Map_Descriptor_Name,Scan_Interval,Function,Node_Name,IO_Data_Type,DA_Name_Start,DA_Count,Protocol_Type_ID Input_BP_Image,0.2s,WRBC,SlotServer_CPU,REAL,In_1,25,0 Output_BP_Image,0.2s,RDBC,SlotServer_CPU,REAL,Out_1,25,0 Rate at which data is transferred between Data Arrays and Buffers. Name of First Data Array Number of Buffers and Data Arrays to Auto Create. DA Names are In_2, In_3, etc. Custom value. Expected to be used for indicating third party protocol.

13 Connecting the SlotServer Sample Mapping: The points below show a sample of Lon Points that are mapped into the Data Arrays that get multiplexed in and out of the Backplane buffers. Map_Descriptors Map_Descriptor_Name, Data_Array_Name, Data_Array_Offset, Lon_Function, Function, Node_Name, SNVT_Type nvoVolt1_25,Out_25,74,NVUOIMX,WRBX,Lon_Srv_1,SNVT_volt nvoVolt2_25,Out_25,75,NVUOIMX,WRBX,Lon_Srv_1,SNVT_volt nviAmp1_01,In_1,00,NVUI,Server,Lon_Srv_1,SNVT_amp nviAmp2_01,In_1,01,NVUI,Server,Lon_Srv_1,SNVT_amp Data Arrays Assigned to I/O Buffers by Logix driver Standard LonWorks Driver Mapping Example: Connecting the SlotServer to LonWorks using Lon Open Profile

14 Connecting SlotServer to LonWorks Procedure outline: 1. Wire up the LonWorks network to the SlotServer 2. Commission SlotServer into the LonWorks network using a NetWork Manager and the SlotServer service pin 3. Bind the points available in the SlotServer to points in the rest of the network Example: Connecting the SlotServer to LonWorks using Lon Open Profile

15 Commissioning with LonMaker  Step 1: Open a project in LonMaker  Step 2: Drag device into Visio drawing. Example: Commissioning with LonMaker:

16 Commissioning with LonMaker  Step 3: Give the device a name & select the “commission device” option

17 Commissioning with LonMaker  Step 4: For XIF definition, select “Upload From Device”

18 Commissioning with LonMaker  Step 5: For Device Channel, select “Auto Detect”

19 Commissioning with LonMaker  Step 6: Leave “Device Properties” as is  Step 7: For Device Identification Method, select “Service Pin”

20 Commissioning with LonMaker  Step 9: Do not “Load Application Image” (Leave unchecked)  Step 10: For State, select “Online” and leave the rest as is

21 SlotServer LonWorks Open Profile Function Block  SlotServer LonWorks Open Profile has 25 input function blocks, and 25 output function blocks  The points in each function block are identical. Outputs differ from inputs only in direction  The SNVT types used are intended to represent the most common SNVT types found in the Building Automation Industry Lon SNVT Type SNVTQuantity SNVT_amp2 SNVT_chlr_sts1 SNVT_count_f2 SNVT_count_inc_f2 SNVT_flow_f1 SNVT_freq_hz1 SNVT_hvac_mode1 SNVT_hvac_status1 SNVT_lev_cont1 SNVT_obj_status SNVT_obj_status 1 SNVT_occupancy2 SNVT_lev_percent8 SNVT_ppm1 SNVT_press2 SNVT_temp_setpt1 SNVT_state4 SNVT_switch8 SNVT_temp_p8 SNVT_tod_event1 SNVT_volt_ac2 SNVT_volt2

22 Programming ControlLogix  Step 1: Add a PLC project in RSLogix

23 Programming ControlLogix  Step 2: Add the SlotServer to the I/O list as a Generic 1756 Module

24 Programming ControlLogix  Step 3: Configure the Generic Module for SlotServer settings. Select the rack slot for SlotServer

25 Programming ControlLogix  Step 4: Add user defined data types for storing LonWorks data

26 Programming ControlLogix  Step 5: Configure MESSAGE tags to manage the message blocks

27 Programming ControlLogix  Step 6: Configure the Message block for communication with the SlotServer

28 Programming ControlLogix  Step 7: Add the Data Tags using the user defined data types

29 Programming ControlLogix  Step 8: Add SlotServer Data Array names to the DA_Name portion of the Data Tags  Step 9: Create Logic to control the execution of the Message blocks

30 Programming ControlLogix OR…… If this is too much work….. Then do the alternative steps…

31 Programming ControlLogix Alternative Steps: 1. Load the example ACD (RSLogix) file supplied with the SlotServer 2. Use all the pre-programmed examples, including message blocks, tags, user defined data types and example logic

32 Custom Profile vs. Open Profile  SlotServer can ship default with generic open profile or can be shipped as the configurable version.  The generic profile eliminates the need for messing with config.csv, thus reducing commissioning time.  Creating a custom profile with config.csv allows for more flexibility to suit the specific application  FieldServer offers custom profiling services if needed.

33 Resources  FieldServer Website (  LonMark website (  Echelon Website (  Rockwell Allen-Bradley Website (  BACnet Website (  Rockwell Automation Encompass Website (

34 Contacts Marketing and Sales: Steve Ferree: Technical: Mac:

35 THANK YOU! …..for taking the time to attend this presentation. Questions?

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