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LEAVE AND PASSES AR 600-8-10 OUTLINE  Leave  Leave Accrual  Chargeable Leave  Non-Chargeable Leave  Ordinary Leave  Regular Passes  Special Passes.

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3 OUTLINE  Leave  Leave Accrual  Chargeable Leave  Non-Chargeable Leave  Ordinary Leave  Regular Passes  Special Passes  Convalescent Leave  Emergency Leave  Extensions

4 LEAVES  Used to maintain Positive Command Climate and Readiness  Encourage use of 30 days a year

5 LEAVE ACCRUAL  Active Duty 30 days per year  2.5 days per month  More than 60 days  Use or Lose  Maintaining Leave is an individual’s responsibility  Monitoring leave is a Leader’s responsibility

6 CHARGEABLE LEAVE  Ordinary Leave  Advance Leave  Emergency Leave  Environmental and Morale Leave (EML)  Leave awaiting orders resulting from disability separation procedings  Leave with a COT (continuos overseas tour)

7 CHARGEABLE LEAVE (CONT)  Reenlistment Leave  Transition Leave  Rest and recuperation (R&R) Leave  Periods of leave that encompass a public holiday or weekends  Pregnancy home leave  AWOL (when excused as unavoidable)  Leave with PCS (permanent change of station) or TDY (temporary duty assignment)

8 NON-CHARGEABLE LEAVE  Convalescent Leave  Sick in quaters  Sick in hospital  Leave awaiting orders resulting from disability separation when all other leave is exhausted  PTDY (permissive)  Proceed Time  POV Travel  Special Rest and Recuperation (SR&R)

9 ORDINARY LEAVE  Once Approved it is logged  Sign out on day of departure KEEP A COPY WITH YOU WHILE ON LEAVE  Extension may be requested in emergency  Sign in on return  Leave Form is then processed at Finance

10 THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND  If leaves fall on weekend or federal holidays, they are still charged  You CANNOT take leave in conjuction with training holidays or special passes  If you SIGN IN before half of the day and go back to work, that day is not charged  If you SIGN OUT after working half the duty day, that day is not charged

11 REGULAR PASSES  Passes Privilege Awarded to deserving Soldiers Pass period not to exceed 72 hours (3 day pass) Pass period not to exceed 96 hous (4 day pass)  Commander is Approval Authority  Soldier remains available for duty  Passes cannot be granted in succession  No limit on number of passes. Determined by command

12 SPECIAL PASSES  3 day passes- must include on duty day  4 day passes- must include 2 consecutive non-duty days  Cannot be taken in conjuction with leave  Reasons for granting special passes Recognition of exceptional performance Spiritual retreats/religious events Voting Alleviate personal problems Compensatory time off

13 CONVALESCENT LEAVE  Authorized normally for the minimal time needed to meet the medical needs for recuperation  A Civilian doctor cannot authorized it  Hospital Commander can authorized first 30 days when granted at medical facility  Company Commander is the approval authority when granted by unit  A period of 42 days may be granted for pregnancy or child birth

14 EMERGENCY LEAVE Emergency leave is leave that is granted as a result of a personal or family emergency that requires the soldier’s presence. It is chargeable leave.

15 WHO GRANTS EMERGENCY LEAVE?  It is the responsibility of the Company Commander to make initial decision  Commander decides length of leave  Based on mission, operational tempo and personnel needs  Also based on information verified and communicated by Red Cross  Battalion and Brigade Commanders have final approving authority

16 IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS  Parents, including stepparents  Spouse  Children, including stepchildren  Sisters, including stepsisters  Brothers, including stepbrothers  Only living blood relative  A person in loco parentis

17 GUIDELINES COMMANDERS USE  Serious illness, impending death or death of an immediate family member  Serious situation involving accident, illness, major surgery resulting in serious family problem  Soldier personally affected by disaster (tornado, hurricane, flood) if unusual hardship would be encountered if the soldier failed to return home

18 OTHER SITUATIONS THAT SOMETIMES WARRANT EMERGENCY LEAVE  Pregnancy and childbirth  Situations involving grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece or nephew

19 Facts For Requesting Emergency Leave  Soldiers may request Emergency Leave with or without a Red Cross Message.  Units may request verification through the the Field Director, American Red Cross, if they doubt the validity of the situation or the necessity of the Soldier’s presence.  Commanders should not disapprove based solely on the lack of a Red Cross Message

20 COST  There is no cost to the soldier/family members while station here in Hawaii.  A fund cite will be provided by DHR.  Soldiers may qualify for unaccompanied emergency leave travel for dependents.

21 Loco Parentis  A person in Loco Parentis is one who stood in place of a parent to the soldier or Soldier’s spouse for 24 hours a day, for at least a 5 year period before the soldier or the soldier’s spouse were 21 years of age.  The person must have provided a home, food, clothing, medical care, and other necessities as well as furnished moral and disciplinary guidance and affection.  A grandparent, or other person, is not considered to have stood in place of a person when the parent also lived at the same residence.  A person is not considered in Loco Parentis for performing baby-sitting or providing day care services.

22 WHY USE THE RED CROSS?  The American Red Cross can assist families with communicating with Service Members  Commanders overseas require Red Cross verification before emergency leave is granted

23 HOW TO CONTACT THE RED CROSS  The Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Service Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year  Use your LOCAL Red Cross Find in local telephone directory or type in zip code under “Find Your Local Red Cross”

24 WHO CAN INITIATE A MESSAGE?  Soldier  Immediate family members of Soldier

25 WHAT INFORMATION DOES RED CROSS NEED FROM FAMILY?  Soldier’s information Full name Rank Branch of service Social security number Military address Information about deployed unit and the home unit name and location

26 WHAT INFORMATION DOES RED CROSS NEED FROM FAMILY? (CONT)  Detailed information about the nature of the emergency Statement about why the soldier is needed Hospital Medical doctor’s name and contact Funeral home name and contact

27 EXTENSIONS  Require approval from unit commander  Requests must go thru American Red Cross for timely approval  Requests must be justified and may require supporting documentation



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