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15 Selling Today Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership

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1 15 Selling Today Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership
10th Edition CHAPTER Manning and Reece 15 Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership

2 Six-Step Presentation Plan
Approach (Chapter 10) Presentation (Chapter 11) Demonstration (Chapter 12) Negotiation (Chapter 13) Close (Chapter 14) Servicing the Sale

3 Customer Service Encompasses all activities that:
Enhance or facilitate the sale and use of one’s product or service Take place during and after the implementation stage of the buying process

4 Building Long-term Partnerships with Service
Achieve successive sales via partnering/building the relationship Respond to increased _______ customer expectations High cost of customer __________ Keep current on developments in customer service

5 Customer Attrition Causes

6 Customer Service Developments
Salespeople must spend more time monitoring customer satisfaction Customer knowledge is key to improving customer service Customer-friendly, computer-based systems enhance service

7 Servicing the Sale FIGURE 15.2

8 Follow-Through On assurances and promises made during sales presentation Key to customer retention

9 Common Post-Sale Services
Make credit arrangements Schedule deliveries Be present during delivery Monitor installation Offer training Provide price change information

10 Prevent Post-Sale Problems
Perform diligent ____________ Know shippers and installers Know credit department A delicate area for customers

11 Follow-up Objectives Follow-ups have two major objectives:
To express appreciation—which enhances relationship To determine if customer is ___________ Poor service and lack of follow-up are common causes of customer attrition

12 Follow-up Methods Personal visits Telephone calls E-mail messages
Value reinforcement Telephone calls messages Letters or cards Call reports

13 Expansion Selling Full-line selling Cross-selling Upselling

14 Full-Line Selling Suggest related products/services to customer (suggestion selling) Done correctly, provides value-added service Guidelines: Plan during _____________ First satisfy primary need Thoughtful, positive ____________ When appropriate, _____________

15 Cross-Selling Selling products not related to those already sold to ___________ customer Buyers like single-source ____________ Most effective when salesperson/customer enjoy true ______________

16 Upselling Effort to sell better quality product Works best when:
Established relationship exists—built on trust Salesperson continuously qualifies prospect Most customers want the right purchase over the least expensive

17 Servicing-the-Sale Worksheet

18 Partnership Building Should encompass all key people Receptionists
Technical personnel Stock/receiving clerks Management personnel

19 Unhappy Customers Often do not initiate written or verbal complaints
Dissatisfied customers often tell many others about problem

20 Handling Complaints Let customers disclose ___________
Carefully _________ to customer Complaint may be real or perceived Do not alibi Share your view of problem’s cause Decide on _________ to remedy

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