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New Content on ScienceDirect Dr. Lukas Mayerhoff Account Manager Dr. Lukas Mayerhoff Account Manager

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2 New Content on ScienceDirect Dr. Lukas Mayerhoff Account Manager Dr. Lukas Mayerhoff Account Manager

3 2 TopicsTopics The Elsevier product portfolio New products overview – Backfiles – Books Series online – MRW online Pricing and Licensing

4 External Content OtherSTM Publisher Content Internal Content Resources Layer Bibliographic Data Layer Federated Search Layer Web Portals Layer Linking Linking grey literature / datasets / multimedia / books local sources / lecture notes / dissertations e-learning content/modules community news/jobs/ non-science Library Management Systems A&I Databases full text journals books multimedia OPAC Managing Electronic Content wwwwww

5 Other STM Publisher ContentInternal Content Federated Search Layer Web Portals Layer Link Finder PlusLink Finder Plus Endeavour Informations Systems Managing Electronic Content – Elsevier products Resources Layer Bibliographic Data Layer Discovery Gate, EV2,, Crossfire Beilstein, Gmelin, MDL DBs … Emscope Scirus ScienceDirect wwwwww ENCompass, I LS Voyager ENCompass

6 5 ScienceDirect - Full-Text Content Journals – Current issues Access to 4 years backwards from year of first subscription Building an archive for subscribed titles – Backfiles Growing program of back issues to Volume 1, issue 1 Book Series Reference Works

7 6 Added value of electronic full text 24 hours availability Multiple-users, campus-wide access No need for multiple copies, shelving space and administration savings Cross-referencing Linking to other types of contents in SD Linking to other publishers’ contents via Cross-Ref ScienceDirect’s functionality, support and usage reports.

8 7 Initiative to digitise all Elsevier owned journals from 1994 back to volume 1 number 1 Compiled and sold as a complete subject package Started in 2001 – 6 months sourcing and shipping to Manila – 9 months inventorisation and database creation – 1.5 years compilation of titles per package – 3 years scanning and processing – 8 Core project team members – 1000 workers in Manila – Stakeholders - ES publishing company and the scientific community Result = tripling of the SD database Backfiles Project

9 8 The Lancet, Volume one, Issue one

10 9 The Lancet, Volume 1, Issue 1 on ScienceDirect

11 10 Four Sea Containers & Two Air Containers Millions of pages $40 million just for scanning

12 11 SD and Backfiles in Perspective 8 million articles = 70 million pages = 35 million double sided sheets = 3.8 KM

13 12 Backfiles - Usage of historical information 16% of the print articles used is older then 5 years Source: King et al. 1998.

14 13 Backfiles - Packages Collections coming soon : Medicine and Dentistry ( 2004 ) Nursing and Health Professions ( 2004 ) Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine ( 2004 ) Cell Press ( 2004 ) Harcourt Health Science

15 14 Licensing models for journals on ScienceDirect Volume 1 Issue 1 Subject Collection Engineering 1995 2002 Now Subject Collection Chemistry Subject Collection Social Sciences > 1730 Journal Titles Print Subscriptions Web Editions 2003 SDOL License Agreement 2001 2000 1999 Backfiles Package Chemistry Journal Backfiles Backfiles 1998 1997 1996 18 other Subject Collections Subject Collections Freedom Collection Backfiles Package Social Science Backfiles Package Engineering Other Backfiles Packages

16 15 Book Series - Overview Contain review articles and essays on current research in a defined area, or a comprehensive overview of a particular topic Typically graduate student through researcher are end-user candidates Online Series publish regularly, at least one volume per year Highly cited by bibliographic databases Potentially high usage per article

17 16 Elsevier Book Series on ScienceDirect Online Book Series First 100 Book Series were launched in 2004: – Chemistry Package – 12 titles – Business, Management & Economics Package – 54 titles – Life Sciences Package – 33 titles – Methods in Enzymology Package –1 title In 2005 about 200 book series will be available License give access to current year and 4 years back Archiving rights like journals * Books series are not available individually, only in the composed preconfigured packages

18 17 How does the Product function? Book Series on ScienceDirect are VERY similar to online journals: Reference linking & CrossRef functionality Book Series included in All Sources search, Quick Search, etc. Enabled with New Volume/Issue alerts Includes Cited by

19 18 Book serials within a package -direct selection Certain “book serials” can be selected (Package)

20 19 Direkte Links

21 20 MRW: The Starting Point for Research MAJOR REFERENCE WORK Bibliographic Databases Journal Article Links to other content Tertiary literature Secondary literature Primary literature

22 21 Online Reference Works 15 Titles Available Now: Comprehensive Clinical Psychology Comprehensive Composite Materials Comprehensive Structural Integrity Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition Encyclopedia of Cancer Encyclopedia of Genetics Encyclopedia of Hormones Encyclopedia of the Human Brain Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy Encyclopedia of Separation Science International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences

23 22 Selection of a certain MRW

24 23 Serach for Osteoporosis “osteop!” In all available MRW’s

25 24 Results– 3 Articles in 2 different MRW’s

26 25 Cross References, References -- seamless linking to fulltext, Databases, CrossRef” - A very quick overview of the topis itself and related themes

27 26 Direct entry in various Categories within a MRW

28 27 Online Reference Works - Features – Browsing a variety of indexes depending on type of reference work (“encyclopedia” or “comprehensive”) and its structure – Browsing and searching the subject index – Searching at basic or advanced levels across all or part of a work – Extensive linking internally and to external primary-source material (including via CrossRef)

29 28 Online Reference Works - The Offer Yearly subscription fee - easy to manage your budget Updates included in that fee Discounts on 2 or more Elsevier abstracts are free of charge on ScienceDirect IP-based, plus portable access Population-based pricing Usage reports Training, dedicated helpdesk support Free trials

30 29 Pricing and Licensing - Summary Backfiles – One time payment for each archive package Book Series - Online – Like for journals: Yearly subscription model – 4 years back and current year building archival policy Major Reference Works – Online – Yearly subscription without archival policy – Archive: Print version available at deeply discounted price

31 Thank you!

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