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Managing Your Library Resources The Endeavor Perspective.

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1 Managing Your Library Resources The Endeavor Perspective

2 2 AgendaAgenda Introduction 介绍 – Endeavor Company 公司简介 – Endeavor Vision 我们的见解 – ENCompass Digital Library Framework 数字图书馆的构架 Endeavor Solutions 解决方案 – Linking 链接 – Federated Searching 联邦检索 – Digital object management 数字资源管理

3 3 Endeavor Representatives Bob Lobascio Vice-President, Sales Tim Tamminga Director, Major Accounts Gregor van Essen Director, International Sales Sixuan Zhong China Representative Tan Weai Chee Product Support Specialist

4 4 Endeavor Information Systems Offices 公司在世界各地的分布 Chicago, USA (headquarters) 美国 United Kingdom 英国 The Netherlands 荷兰 Australia 澳大利亚 Singapore 新加坡 160 staff members – 31% with advanced library science degrees 160 个员工,拥有图 书馆硕士学位以上的有 31 % Part of Elsevier since 2000 成为 Elsevier 子公 司 Customers 客户分布 1150+ Voyager 125+ ENCompass 150+ LinkFinderPlus 10 National Libraries 5 continents 16 countries

5 5 使用 ENCompass 的图书馆 >125 libraries worldwide 全球数量 – Cornell University (US) – National University of Singapore – University of British Columbia (Canada) – University of Edinburgh (Scotland) – National Library of Medicine (US) – London School of Economics (England) – The Getty Center – University of Auckland (New Zealand) – National Library of New Zealand – University of Helsinki (Finland) – University of Western Sydney (Australia) – Open University (England) – University of Toronto (Canada) – CNRS/INIST (France) – …

6 6 Technology – FAST Search Engine in ENCompass Technology Advantage E-Learning Research Group – Labs is where innovative ideas and technologies are developed and presented for Elsevier value-add services. User Centered Design Group – ENCompass User Interface

7 7 The Digital Library Challenge The Evolving Library 图书馆的变更 Today’s information resources collections are evolving 资源的变化 Combinations of - paper and digital format 纸质和数字 - local and remote storage 本地和远程 Libraries have increasing difficulty managing hybrid collections 管理起来 越来越难 Patrons have increasing difficulty finding what they need 读者 困难

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9 9 “The Effect” If Users Can’t Find It…

10 10 The solution for managing, searching, and linking all of your resources 一套管理,检索,链接电子资源的方案 The Endeavor Solution

11 11 ENCompass Digital Library– Building Blocks 1. Data Management Modules – Databases which locally store a wide range of metadata and associated objects Examples : Marc Records, XML, Full Text Repository 2. Integration Modules – Integration modules leverage data from data management to use with other applications Examples : Linking, Federated Searching 3. Library Operating Systems Modules – Modules that provide the overriding structure and architecture to provide context for the library systems Examples : End User Interface, Access & Entitlements

12 12 ENCompass Framework 框架 Library Operating Systems Modules 图书馆操作系统模块 Remote Resources 远程资源 Data Management Modules 数据管理模块 Integration Modules 合成模块

13 13 LinkFinderPlusResource Access Course Content Integrator License Management Multi Media (Virage) E-Learning Objects ENCompass for Digital Collections ENCompass for Journals OnSite OPA C Remote Full Text Journals A&I Databases Luna Insight (Advance Image Mgt) Institutional Repositories Library Portal (User Interface) 门户 Personalisation 个性化服务 Interface Access & Entitlements 认证 Collection Management 收集管理 Framework Digital Library Operating System Integration Modules Management Modules

14 14 Local Content 本地内容 Library OPAC Web Content 网络内容 LINKSLINKS LINKSLINKS ENCompass Serials Acquisitions Cataloguing Circulation LibrarySystem

15 15 ENCompass Modules Linking 链接 Portal / Federated Searching 门户 / 联邦检索 Digital object management 数字资源管理

16 16 LinkFinder Plus LinkFinderPlus is a tool that helps the users to navigate from one database to another… 帮助用户对数据库挨个检索

17 17 Where can I find the article?

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20 20 LinkFinder Plus OpenURL is the worldwide standard for linking Context sensitive – All your subscriptions are stored in the LinkFinderPlus Knowledge Base – No dead-links!  Your users save time and frustration! Pre-populated Knowledge Base of 22,000 titles  The library saves times and money! >150 libraries in 10 countries use LinkFinderPlus

21 21 ENCompass for Resource Access Library Portal: single point of access to all your resources: – E-journals – A&I databases – Websites – etc, Basic and advanced searching Multi-protocol: Z39.50, HTTP, XML Gateway Virtual collections Completely configurable user interface (XSLT) Personalisation (save searches, alerts, etc.)

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26 26 ENCompass is fully UNICODE compliant !

27 27 ENCompass for Digital Collections Create and maintain local digital collections Very flexible metadata structures – Dublin Core, EAD, TEI, full text, custom Online creation or batch loading of descriptive metadata All metadata stored in XML Multiple databases (“repositories”) in a single system Hierarchical organization possibilities FAST search engine ensure scalability and performance Access and entitlements OAI compliant

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29 29 Our plans for China Objective: Customize and Localize ENCompass for China to meet YOUR needs and requirements 为满足中国用户的需要对系统进行本地化 Sixuan Zhong appointed as Endeavor’s representative for China 聘任钟似璇为 Endeavor 的中国代表 Identifying strategic partners & formulate development plan – Timeframe: next 6-9 months 选择战略伙伴

30 30 More information? Visit our website: Email: THANK YOU!

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