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Associate Professor of Spanish Winston-Salem State University

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1 Associate Professor of Spanish Winston-Salem State University
Dr. Michael A. Brookshaw Associate Professor of Spanish Winston-Salem State University

2 El mundo 6 billiones de personas

3 General Language Facts…
Over 6,800 Tongues 8 Countries account for more than half of all languages There are 832 language is Papua New Guinea India has 15 official languages

4 10 Most Common Languages Chinese, 1 billion Spanish, 400 million
English, 322 million Arabic, 220 million Bengali, 189 million Japanese, 125 million German, 98 million Hindi, 182 million Portuguese, 170 Russian, 170

5 Buenas tardes Bienvenidos Es un gran placer para mi tener esta oportunidad hablarles sobre la importancia de saber una lengua extanjera: el espanol ¿Me entienden?

6 ¿Habla Ud. español? If yyou answered no to the aforementioned question: Do you understand Spanish? Get ready to be left behind.The previous question signals that it is time for us to rethink our attitudes and priorities concerning language learning if we cannot answer correctly or at all. How do you feel when you here something that you do not understand? Is your response: “I don’t understand! Speak English! Well, the reality is that Spanish:

7 Why Learn Another Language?
Knowing another language brings opportunities Better knowledge of other peoples & cultures Read and understand more Employment advantages The World is at Your Fingertips You become a Citizen of the World

8 Reasons People Learn a Second Language…
Personal Professional Social Educational

9 Why Spanish? The historical connection
4th largest Spanish Speaking population in U.S. 2000 mile border with Mexico Current demographic reality Continental reality of the Hispanic world

10 The Spanish Speaking World

11 The Spanish Speaking World 400,000,000 speakers
Venezuela, 21,000,000 Colombia, 35,000,000 Ecuador, 5,000,000 Perú, 23,000,000 Chile, 14,000,000 Argentina, 34,000,000 Uruguay,3,000,000 Bolivia, 7,000,000 México, 93,000,000 Guatemala, 10,000,000 El Salvador, 5,000,000 Honduras, 5,000,000 Nicaragua, 4,000,000

12 The Spanish Speaking World 400,000,000 speakers (2)
República Dominicana, 7,000,000 Puerto Rico, 3,000,000 Las Filipinas, 3,000,000 Estados Unidos, 25,000,000 Costa Rica, 3,000,000 España, 39,000,000 Guinea Ecuatorial, 500,000 Cuba, 11,000,000 Uruguay, 3,000,000 Panamá, 2,000,000 Paraguay, 5,000,000

13 The Spanish You Already Know
Mosquito Chocolate Banco Radio Discoteca Vitaminas presidente mamá animal especial constitución ángel

14 Spanish in the last 10 years…(1)
Surge in the Spanish population nationally Spanish is more of a necessity than a choice Spoken by 35.3 million Hispanics Not speaking Spanish can be a handicap There is nothing foreign about Spanish anymore Spanish dominates all other languages in the public schools I

15 Spanish in the last 10 years…(2)
The need in the workplace for Spanish is tremendous The president,himself, gives his radio address in Spanish Language and culture of Latin America have flooded the nation 83% of college students study Spanish Demographics demand that you learn Spanish

16 Spanish Facts… (1) The second language of the U.S.
Hispanics are the largest minority The U.S. has the 4th largest Spanish population in the world. Hispanics are becoming politically and economically powerful. The U.S. is being “Hispanized”

17 Spanish Facts… (2) The U.S used to be Mexico until 1848
The U.S. has a intimate history with all things Spanish. Hispanic language, art, culture have exploded. Our heritage is locked in Spanish The U.S. has always had Spanish influence

18 Spanish Popular Culture Explosion
Singers Actors Atheletes Food Art Politicians

19 Spanish Influence and Hispanics are everywhere
Just look around you…

20 What do you see? Our states: Our rivers Our cities Our food
Our language Our neighbors Our lives

21 States with Spanish Names
Montana Nevada Colorado Arizona Florida California

22 Cities with Spanish Names
Los Ángeles Boca Ratón San Francisco Santa Rosa Sacramento San Isidrio Santa Cruz San Bernadino Santa Bárbara Vallejo Santa Fe San Clemente Las Cruces Las Palmas

23 A new world is being created in the United States
The border with Mexico is disappearing We are now living in AMEXICA

24 The Hispanic Community in the Piedmont Triad…
110,000 Hispanics Growth rate of 25% yearly Winston-Salem’s Population is twice as large as any other area Winston-Salem is the commercial center for Hispanic business 85% speak only Spanish Only Mexico, Spain and Colombia have more Spanish speaking people La RAZA is meeting The HOOD

25 Benefits of Language Study: What Research Shows…
Analyzing skills improve Creativity increases Knowledge of English increases Attitudes toward different peoples and cultures change Higher-order skills increase Job mobility and promotion increase Memory is enhanced Standardized test scores improve Reading and writing skills increase

26 Why Should African Americans Be Concerned About Languages?
Our heritage is locked in language Africa is the origin of 1/3 of all the world’s languages. All of our ancestors spoke foreign languages We owe it to the future

27 Learning a Language Will Make a Difference in How you see the World and How the World Sees YOU

28 We must Become Citizens of the World, not just the U.S.A

29 ¿Habla Ud. Español? Sí, hablo español.

30 Trabalengua (Tonguetwister)
Paco Peco chico rico insultaba como un loco a su tio Federico y este dijo poco a poco Paco Peco Poco Pico.

31 The Tongue-Tied American Congressman Paul Simon, 1980
“The United States has fallen far behind other nations in foreign languge skills and this decline creates certain problems and challenges.” “At every port of entry into the United States we should erect a sign: -WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES- WE CANNOT SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE

32 John Naisbitt (1982) Megatrends
Thinking Globally… For Americans, it is self evident that this is the time to learn another language--and learn it well. The size, proximity, and economic promises of Latin America make Spanish an attractive choice…. To be really successful, you will have to be trilingual: fluent in English, Spanish, and computer. --p.78

33 “A Man Who Does Not Know A Foreign Language Does Not Know His Own”

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