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LONESTAR GOLD INC. Searching for Gold in Canada´s Yukon Territory.

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1 LONESTAR GOLD INC. Searching for Gold in Canada´s Yukon Territory

2 ELDORADO PROJECT Lonestar Gold Inc is a private Company set to be listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Management: Brings a combined experience of over 70 years in the exploration mining industry. Share Structure: 5 million shares issued including 4 million towards property payment.

3 ELDORADO PROJECT The Asset: The Company recently acquired the Option to earn a 100% interest in the 710 registered Quartz Claims and Crown Grants that make up the Eldorado Bonanza Quartz Claim Project, located in the Klondike, Yukon. Lonestar Gold is the exclusive operator of the Project. Target: To exercise the full option and proof up a multimillion ounce gold deposit at a cash cost of less than $100 per ounce over a 3 years exploration period.

4 ELDORADO PROJECT The Option Lonestar Gold earns a 50% interest by investing $2,750,000 towards exploration as a minimum work requirement and issues shares equivalent in number to the common shares of Lonestar issued to obtain the funding necessary to finance the expenditures for the minimum work requirement..

5 ELDORADO PROJECT Lonestar has the option to earn an additional 25% interest by completing up to $22 million in work commitments to produce a Bankable Feasibility Study and issue shares equivalent in number to the common shares of Lonestar issued to obtain the funding necessary to finance the expenditures for the minimum work commitments.

6 ELDORADO PROJECT Lonestar, at its discretion, may increase its position to a full 100% interest in the property by paying $40 per ounce based on the measured and proven ounces confirmed in the bankable feasibility study. Should Lonestar Gold choose not to extend beyond the initial 50% it may activate a joint venture with the Optionor in which Lonestar remains the Operator of the project.

7 THE YUKON TERRITORY Canada´s Yukon has attracted Gold Seekers and Prospectors since the mid 1800´s.  As of today the Yukon Territory is still one of the most prospective areas for minerals in the world.  Its riches have been protected by its rugged landscape and ferocious climate until a combination of modern transport and positive market conditions are slowly lifting the veil. ELDORADO PROJECT

8 Mineral claims staked, 1982-2010. 80,000 new Mineral Claims recorded in the Yukon in 2010

9 ELDORADO PROJECT Mineral claims in good standing, 1982-2010. By the end of 2010 there were over 160,000 mineral claims registered in the Yukon

10 ELDORADO PROJECT Mineral exploration in Canada's Yukon in 2010 remained strong. Exploration expenditures were estimated to be $160 million. Several advanced exploration projects returned significant drill results, highlighting the under-explored potential of these properties even at an advanced stage of exploration. Exploration expenditures in Yukon, 1982 to 2010

11 The Klondike Gold Fields hosted some of the highest concentration of gold per area in the world. Over 100 years of exploration and mining suggest that the gold produced from the placers came from local sources. The traditional core of the Klondike Gold Fields are the creeks and tributaries of Eldorado, Bonanza, Hunker, Dominion and Quartz. They are among the richest placer creeks in history. The source of their enrichment has never been discovered. ELDORADO PROJECT Klondike Gold Fields

12 Eldorado Creek is one of the richest creeks in the Klondike district and produced by 1905 over 25 million Dollars in gold at $15 per ounce over an area of approximately 3 miles of placer claims. At current gold prices this adds up to approximately $2.5 Billion. Eldorado Creek continues to host mining activity to this day. ELDORADO PROJECT Eldorado Creek

13 Bonanza Creek ELDORADO PROJECT Bonanza Creek, much like Eldorado Creek was one of the richest creeks in the Klondike Gold Fields. Individual Creek Claims yielded over 30,000 ounces of gold. Upper Bonanza Creek Gravels alone are reported to have produced approximately 1,000,000 ounces between Victoria Gulch and Grand Forks. Bonanza Creek is currently being mined for Placer Gold.


15 Lonestar has an exclusive option to acquire up to 100% of the 710 quartz mineral claims and Crown Grants making up the Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Claim Group. ELDORADO PROJECT Lonestar Gold Inc. Is the Operator of the Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Claim Project.


17 Lonestar´s Eldorado-Bonanza Project covers key areas over the drainages of Eldorado Creek, Bonanza Creek and Hunker Creek. A network of nearly 100 km of roads and trails facilitate exploration drilling, trenching and sampling. The Lonestar property is fully permitted for exploration This Project holds the promise in providing the key to unlocking the secret origin of the Klondike Gold Field Riches. ELDORADO PROJECT

18 A network of nearly 100 km of roads and trails facilitate exploration drilling, trenching and sampling. The Lonestar property is fully permitted for exploration. ELDORADO PROJECT

19 Lonestar Gold Inc. explores to find the origin of the gold which supported the gold rush of 1898, and the Yukon economy ever since. Lonestar will continue to build on the vast amount of data it has collected from historic and recent exploration efforts to advance its Eldorado Bonanza Quartz Project to feasibility.

20 Lonestar Property location in the centre of the current gold rush ELDORADO PROJECT


22 Lonestar Gold Inc. Eldorado / Bonanza Project Area ELDORADO PROJECT

23 Over $18,000,000 has been invested in exploration between 1985 and 2007. Recent expenditures totalling over $10,000,000 between 2003 and 2007 have produced a significant amount of data including some of the following highlights: ELDORADO PROJECT

24 Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Project Identified Zones of Mineralization ELDORADO PROJECT

25 Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Project: Trench working location 127 tonnes of bulk samples of gold-bearing ore were processed ELDORADO PROJECT

26 Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Project: Diamond drilling locations 45 000 feet of drilling completed ELDORADO PROJECT

27 Eldorado / Bonanza Project: IP (geophysical survey) locations ELDORADO PROJECT

28 Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Project: Soil test locations (blue circles), Auger drilled locations (white squares) ELDORADO PROJECT

29 Eldorado / Bonanza Quartz Project: Rock chips collected (locations) ELDORADO PROJECT

30 The following mineralized zones have so far been identified within the Project Area. ELDORADO PROJECT  Buckland Zone  Pioneer Zone  Nugget Zone  JF Zone  Lone Star Zone


32 LONESTAR `S ELDORADO / BONANZA PROJECT identified mineralized areas, open in all directions Claim Group ELDORADO PROJECT Buckland Zone Pioneer Zone Parnel Zone Lone Star Zone 7 PUP Zone Jf Zone 0`Neil Gulch Zone Under explored

33 Buckland Zone Highlights  2.06 g/gold over 21m  22.6 g/gold over 1m  1.29 g/gold over 160m  24.9 g/gold over 0.5m ELDORADO PROJECT Preliminary investigations confirm: Significant near surface mineralization over 450,000 M²

34 Pioneer Zone Drilling  1.54 g/gold over 15.24m  7.4 g/gold over 1.5m  1.48 g/gold over 1.52m ELDORADO PROJECT Preliminary investigations confirm a mineralized zone of 600m by 200m (120,000 m²) open in all directions, 455m of drilling included (2007).

35 Pioneer Zone Geophysics  15km line of IP survey (2007)  200m of new trenches (2007)  Drill Target identified.  100m trench samples including 12.5 gr/gold over 6m ELDORADO PROJECT

36 Nugget Zone Highlights Three hole diamond program (2006) confirmed; HOLE nºInterval (meters)Gold (grams/tonne) 06NZ011.001.42 13.250.14 6.001.31 0.754.54 06NZ023.2527.50 0.9098.68 3.000.28 8.500.34 06NZ034.905.89 0.9030.15 ELDORADO PROJECT

37 Chip sampling at the nugget shear zone showed assays of  42.50 g/gold over 4m  74.03 g/gold over 2m Nugget Zone Highlights

38 JF Zone.  400m x 500m soil Geological Anomaly peak values of 291 ppb gold (1980`s)  480m of trenching including 95m of 100ppb+ gold (1980`s)  20km line of IP geophysical survey  1k m² geochemistry 299 samples (2007)  Drill targets are identified ELDORADO PROJECT

39 Lone Star Zone Highlight  The Lone Star Zone has been drill tested over a strike length of 900m with a potential strike length of over 3,500m and remains open in all directions.  Mineralization is present across widths of tens to hundreds of meters along this length. The Zone is open to expansion to the northwest, to the east, to the north and particularly in depth. ELDORADO PROJECT

40 Lone Star Zone  1.67 g/gold over 61.7m.  2.74 g/gold over 8.4m.  2.1 g/gold over 24m.  10.75 g/gold over 1m.  1.91 g/gold over 15.7m.  4.03 g/gold over 2.1m.  98.7 g/gold over 0.90m. ELDORADO PROJECT

41 Historic Mine Tunnel ELDORADO PROJECT

42 Lone Star Zone Visible Gold is a common occurrence ELDORADO PROJECT

43 Previous operators released results from diamond drilling on the Lone Star zone (primary exploration target, site of the former producing Lone Star Mine) including;  1.67 g/gold over 61.7m  2.74 g/gold over 8.4m  2.1 g/gold over 24m  10.75 g/gold over 1m  1.91 g/gold over 15.7m  4.03 g/gold over 2.1m ELDORADO PROJECT

44 Lone Star Zone  Recent drilling shows there is a strong association of gold with disseminated sulphides without quartz veins at Lone Star Ridge. The recognition of disseminated mineralization in Klondike Schist is encouraging and has expanded the exploration target. ELDORADO PROJECT

45 The company`s preliminary strategy  Produce a 43-101 instrument.  Increase the ounces of the inferred gold potential.  Confirm a minable resource and feasibility for a multimillion ounce deposit.  Keep cash acquisition cost for the first one-million confirmed ounces below $100 per ounce in situ.

46 ELDORADO PROJECT 2011 Season The Company plans to invest $750,000 to re-evaluate all available data, produce a 43-101 report and advance the existing geological model. This work will be complimented with targeted field work which is to include additional geophysics, trenching, geochemistry and drilling. Work done in the 2011 season will prepare the Lone Star Zone for a comprehensive drilling campaign in 2012. 2012 Season $3,000,000 are budgeted for a drilling campaign to extend the mineralized zone and increase the current 250,000 ounce inferred resource. Work in 2012 is to set the stage for an all out drilling campaign in 2013. Eldorado / Bonanza Project TIME LINE

47 ELDORADO PROJECT 2013 Season A budget of $10,000,000 is planned to optimize inferred resources and to bring the inferred to the confirmed and measured category. 2014 Season Continue drilling to extend the confirmed and measured resource. Produce an advanced 43-101 report and complete a bankable feasibility study and carry out a mine development study.

48 ELDORADO PROJECT  Yukon mining exploration  Klondike Research Proposal Prepared for: Klondike Star Mineral Corporation J.K. Mortensen, Ph.D., P. Eng. Mineral Deposit Research Unit, University of British Columbia December 30, 2005  Boge & Boge (1998) LTD.  Yukon Hardrock Mining, development and Exploration overview 2010  Slide nº Exploration expenditures in Yukon, 1982 to 2010 Bibliography


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