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GUNS OF TRENCH WARFARE By: Jake Welch, Noah Price, Cole Bauer.

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1 GUNS OF TRENCH WARFARE By: Jake Welch, Noah Price, Cole Bauer

2 THESIS STATEMENT The guns of WW1 in the trench warfare were Rifles, Machine guns, Artillery, Flamethrowers, and Bayonet

3 BOLT-ACTION RIFLE  All troops, both foreign and American, serving in WWI were issued a bolt- action rifle.  The rifle could fire up to 15 rounds per minute and kill someone up to 1,400 feet away.

4 MACHINE GUNS  Although the machine guns were not the main weapons of WW1 they were very powerful having the fire power of 100 guns.  They needed 4-6 people to men to use them in 1914 and had to be planted on a flat surface.  This gun was a stationary gun and had to stay in one place.  They could fire up to 400 rounds per minute.

5 ARTILLERY Artillery is the word used to describe large-calibre mounted field guns. During the stalemate the artillery was long range gun that would deliver devastating blows when hit. This gun was so big that it needed 12 men to work it. The shells of this gun weighed over 900 pounds.

6 BAYONET  Bayonets are knives that the soldier would tape or attach to the end of their riffle.  The Bayonet was used to stab the enemy when they got really close.  This weapon was not used much in the trench warfare because they would have to get within a few feet to use it effectively.

7 FLAMETHROWER  There were two models of the flamethrower, a large and a small model.  The larger model was worked by a team and has twice the range of the small model.  It also sustained flames for forty seconds at a time.  The smaller model of the flamethrower was usually worked by two men and was easily portable.

8 BIBLIOGRAPHY  Information   Picture     98 98    bayonets.html bayonets.html

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