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Namanga Mission December 2011. School year has ended…

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1 Namanga Mission December 2011

2 School year has ended…

3 Our children received their results

4 Some were N1 in Namanga region. Such was Johanna, a very witty and hard-working child

5 We started the holiday season by planting trees and reinforcing the fence for the garden

6 Purchased about 80 trees

7 This is part of the garden to be, about 2000 square meters. Some children helped really hard to reinforce the fence.

8 This is a Christmas tree and we planted a nice ROW of these too!

9 We worked really hard but found time for fun with the kids, too!

10 Also made a studio recording for a CD and some video, that is why the uniform

11 Managed to purchase some 400 metres of Earth Cable for the WELL

12 This is the trench for the cable. You can also see how we try to protect the trees from the goats.

13 We visited 1 of the 1-day churches in the region. This was built on the previously donated frame by Friedensau in August within a few days.

14 And many many more… Such as this visit to a Maasai village where we gave bread and orange to the people.

15 God blessed the region with lots of rains this year.

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