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Major Geological Events

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1 Major Geological Events
Caused by Plate Tectonics

2 Types of Boundaries Divergent   Plates move apart Convergent 
Plates come together Transform Plates slide horizontally past each other

3 Divergent Structures New crust is formed as plates pull apart.
Land features include: Mid-Ocean Ridges Ex. - Mid-Atlantic Ridge Rift Valleys Ex. - African Rift Valley Earthquakes

4 Mid–Ocean Ridge (Location of Sea Floor Spreading)

5 Sea Floor Spreading (Mid-Ocean Ridge)
Younger Older Older Divergent Structure

6 Rift Valley Divergent Structure
Divergent Structure

7 Convergent Boundaries
Crust is destroyed and recycled back into the mantle Three types of convergent collisions Features include: Trenches – Mariana Trench Volcanic Arc (Volcanic Mountains) – Andes mountains Mountain Ranges – Himalayan Mountains Earthquakes

8 Subduction Result of convergent boundary
A more dense plate slides under a less dense plate and sinks into the mantle. Features include: Oceanic-Oceanic = Trenches Oceanic-Continental = Mountain Ranges

9 Subduction Examples

10 Oceanic-Oceanic convergence
Convergent Boundary Oceanic-Oceanic Land Features – Trench and Island Arc Oceanic-Oceanic convergence

11 Oceanic-Continental convergence
Convergent Boundary Oceanic-Continental Land Features – Trench and Volcanic Arc (Volcanic Mountains) Oceanic-Continental convergence

12 Continental-Continental convergence
Convergent Boundary Continental-Continental Land Features – Folded Mountains Continental-Continental convergence

13 Mountain Ranges

14 Transform Fault Structures
Crust is neither destroyed nor created Can occur between two oceanic plates or oceanic-continental plates Features include: Earthquakes Fault line – San Andreas Fault

15 Transform Boundary Oceanic-Oceanic Land Feature – Fault Line

16 Transform Boundary San Andreas Fault Line

17 Transform Boundary Continental-Continental Land Features – Fault Line
Aerial view of San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain, self-made, Nov 16, 2007, I. Kluft,

18 Earthquakes – All Boundaries

19 Volcanoes

20 Putting It All Together

21 Plate Boundaries

22 Plate Movement

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