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Anthropology 316 Exam 3 Review. Questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? New?

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1 Anthropology 316 Exam 3 Review

2 Questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? New?

3 Skuldelev 5 Ships, no Skuldelev 4 Conserved with PEG Clinker Built Knarr, Drakkar- Cargo ship, War/longship Cofferdam Denmark Scuttled on Purpose Videos Sea Stallion

4 Vasa Sank on maiden voyage- open gun-ports, not enough ballast, too narrow Gustavus Adolphus- King of Sweden Stockholm Harbor 2 Gun decks, 64 Guns Elaborate Transom Anders Franzen Low salinity, low visibility, cold water Beak Head PEG Catheads Waterjets to dig tunnels under hull Galleon Video

5 Northern European Vessels Bayeux Tapestry – Battle of Hastings 1066 Wax Seals Forecastle/Sterncastle Stern Rudder – Kalmar – Baptismal Font – Gotland etching Hanseatic League Cogs Bremen Cog – Not complete – PEG – Keelson Features of Cogs Hulk- crescent shape – Utrecht vessel – Rivers Windlass, Capstan

6 Mary Rose Henry VIII 4 Masted Carrack – Bonaventure sail How did she sink? Decks preserved Raising phases Barber surgeon PEG Weapons – Cannons – “Murderer” – Longbows – Arrows Prince Charles

7 Port Royal, Jamaica Earthquake Liquefaction Grid & Trench Excavation Stratigraphy Seiche wave Pewter – Simon Benning Thomas Jefferson – Father of American Archaeology Historical archaeology Onion bottles 7 th largest harbor

8 Burlington Bay Horse Ferry Scows John Fitch – catamaran, whim John Fulton- steam engine Animal power vs. Man power Treadmills

9 CSS Hunley Confederate Submarine Iron clads “The Coffin” Spar Mobile, AL & Charleston, SC Hand crank USS Housatonic Conservation – NOT PEG No plans

10 USS Monitor Battle of Hampton Roads Civil War Union ship CSS Virginia (Merrimac) Iron clads Not a submarine Rotating turret Age of wooden warship is over National Marine Sanctuary Wood with iron plating


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