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War on Land Sophie, Sarah, Lorha.

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1 War on Land Sophie, Sarah, Lorha

2 Trench Warfare 1914 - 1918 Definition:
A type of combat in which opposing troops fight from trenches facing each other.

3 Stalemate Definition: Any situation where action or progress cannot be made. The Schlieffen Plan failed to defeat France in the summer of 1914. Germany faced great resistance from British, French, and Belgian troops who slowed their advance on French borders.

4 (cont.) Trench warfare was deadlier for attackers; attackers suffered twice casualties during assault on the enemy trench line. Because of the difficulties of attacking and taking the enemy’s trenches the western front became one of stalemate, with little change in the position of the front over the whole four years.

5 Life in the Trenches Since no one expected the war to last as long as it did, the trenches were quickly made. Trench construction was difficult. According to the British trench guidelines it took nearly 6 hours for 450 men to construct 250 m of trench. The trenches of WWI were very unhygienic. Another terrible aspect of the trenches were the weather conditions.

6 (cont.) A trench cycle was created when a battalion pushed forward into no-man’s-land placing them in a line of fire, then support in the reserve would follow. Germans had higher ground on the western front, their trenches and dugouts were better prepared and protected.

7 Soldiers spent most of their time on guard, repairing trenches, or trying to rest.

8 New Technology Technology advanced greatly during WWI.
Mass production of weapons and other warfare technology took off reflecting early industrialism. Significantly new and effective technology included… Poison gas, (the improved) hand grenade, (improved) air warfare, tanks, submarines, flame-throwing (Flammenwerfer), barbed wire, propaganda France, 1917 German soldier, 1915

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