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MICE: Hall Infrastructure Chris Nelson CEng CM15 8 th June 2006.

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1 MICE: Hall Infrastructure Chris Nelson CEng CM15 8 th June 2006

2 2 My Profile Recently joined project… …..But picking it up quickly! Professional Mechanical Engineer in CCLRC Technology –20 years experience @ RAL Worked in all major Engineering areas; –ISIS :MARI spectrometer, experience of beamline design –Space Science :Thermal & Structural Analysis, Project management Particle physics : ATLAS Detector, Project Management, procurement of high stability CF cylindrical structure

3 3 Contents My responsibilities Current hall tasks: Stairs/shield/platform Trench strengthening Imminent hall tasks: Wall holes Magnetic modelling Fire Safety Approval Decay Solenoid transport Central Drawing database Conclusions

4 4 Responsibilities My MICE job Responsible for Hall Infrastructure –Mechanical/Civil work + Associated underlying work e.g. Magnetic analysis –Health & Safety e.g. Fire Safety Approval –Provision of Services – water, electric, ventilation Responsible for Setting up and monitoring central drawing database at RAL Part of Target engineering team (design & test) Technical Board Secretary

5 5 Current Hall tasks 1) Modifying (Linac side) stairs to reduce width –Drgs out for pricing 2) Re-Engineering (control room side) stairs/shield/platform –New set design drgs – awaiting magnetic performance confirmation

6 6 Current Hall tasks Linac side stairs –Drgs out

7 7 Current Hall tasks Shield Wall (Currently 25mm steel/100mm gap/25mm steel) Awaiting magnetic confirmation

8 8 Current Hall tasks Trench strengthening –Drgs being prepared –Non-magnetic Al used (supports + covers) near tracker along to access covers. –Decision to strengthen whole trench since layout still subject to change About to tackle: –Wall holes for cables to MICE LCR –Wall holes for hydrogen area ventilation –Ceiling holes for emergency H2 ventilation

9 9 Magnetic Modelling New magnetic model produced –More user-friendly, Easier to quickly iterate if reqd. –Need to prove shield designs will be effective –Requirements –Shield ISIS control room –Reduce to safe personnel levels (pacemakers) Currently making predictions

10 10 Magnetic Modelling cont.

11 11 Magnetic Modelling cont.

12 12 Magnetic Modelling cont.

13 13 Fire safety Fire safety: Discussions started towards getting approval. –Fire exits defined, checking correct door types –Access routes being checked (minimum width, hazards)

14 14 Fire safety 2 Gap between magnets to be used as emergency access route – signs Small/hidden areas of hall to be fenced off Trench – blocked off with access cover and fixed steel ladder

15 15 Decay Solenoid transport Current situation: Solenoid on PSI trolley (~14.6 tonnes)

16 16 Decay Solenoid transport Solenoid assy in R55 & very unmanagable Need to test solenoid in MICE hall Need to work on trolley (wheels etc.) –Temporary Transport frame designed and almost ready to go out for manufacture. –Mass < 10 tonnes incl lifting frame –Can therefore be moved within MICE hall with a tandem lift (15 tonnes SWL)

17 17 Decay Solenoid :Temporary transport frame

18 18 Decay Solenoid: Disassembly and transport In-situ disassembly and transport procedure 1) Tighten centralising cold-mass supports x6 2) Grind off tack welds, remove end supports 3) Lead shielding assy off nose 4) Fit yellow cradles 5) Fit orange beams 6) Connect blue lifting beam 7) Unbolt feet (keep shims) 8) Lift onto green frame, bolt down re-using shims 9) Refit lead shield onto nose 10) Refit modified end supports (bolt holes) 11) lift onto transport trailer 12) Take to MICE Hall

19 19 Drawing database –Initial discussions started, established some parameters –Need to maintain central database of drawings @ RAL (local to experiment) –Vital to maintain latest set of drawings (drawing control) –Need for Read access by institutes e.g. Oxford group, Imperial, etc. –Proprietary database e.g Intralink probably not suitable –I’m likely to use FTP site

20 20 Conclusions Mechanical/Civil items moving forward - Need to maintain momentum A good scheme for disassembly/transport of decay solenoid Early steps towards a Central drawing database

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