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Do now – List as many WWI war weapons as you can….

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1 Do now – List as many WWI war weapons as you can…

2 At the start of war armies were composed of (1914) : Infantry (foot soldiers) Rifles could fire from 5-10 shots before reloading, effective range of about 600 feet Cavalry (soldiers on horses) Short rifles, sword, lance Artillery (weapons) Machine guns could fire around 500 bullets a minute Cannons fired about 6 explosives a minute, range was 2-5 miles Navy had armored warships with platforms for cannons, some navies possessed a few submarines with armed torpedoes

3 No guided missiles, very few trucks, tanks were rare. Supplies were carried in horse-drawn wagons. Only a few airplanes.

4 Trench Warfare Armies put a great deal into designing trenches. Reserve Support Cover Firing Barbed Wire No Man’s Land 6-8 feet deep 5 feet wide Weeks-months


6 What are the advantages and disadvantages to trench warfare? Easily destroyed by gunfire Rain gathers Cold and Small Hard to maintain morale Rats, lice, etc. Food supplies FYI…The terms trench coat came from the style of coats British soldiers wore in the trenches, fox hole is a small trench

7 Gas Masks Gas was one of the most feared weapons of World War I. Different kinds of gas caused choking, blindness, or severe skin blisters. Soldiers wore gas masks for protection against the fumes. Why do you think nations later agreed to ban the use of poison gas? Gases would harm anyone who came into contact with them. To many people, gases seemed to be an unfair and shameful weapon. * REVIEW NOTES *NOTES


9 Trench Poems Suppose you are a soldier about to return to the trenches after a brief period of recuperation. Write a poem (rhymed or unrhymed) about what you can expect and how you feel. Here are some subjects you may want to include: Brushes with Death Comrades who have Died Missed Loved Ones at Home Daily Life and Conditions in the Trenches

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