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World War I: The Western Front and Trench Warfare.

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1 World War I: The Western Front and Trench Warfare

2 Quotes “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.” –British Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey

3 The Western Front Long and bloody stalemate, or deadlock, along the battlefields of northern France Schlieffen plans works well…at first!

4 First Battle of the Marne Allies attack Germany northeast of Paris by the Marne River German driven back nearly 60-miles 1 st major clash on the Western Front Single most important event of the war –Schlieffen plan RUINED –Germany send more troops…stalemate

5 Trench Warfare Opposing Armies dig miles of parallel trenches to protect themselves from enemy fire Armies suffered huge losses for small gains The space between the trenches was known as “no man’s land”

6 What happened when you are ordered to go “over the top” of a trench?

7 No Man’s Land

8 Daily Life- Rat Infestation Brown and Black rats- Brown rat especially feared  they could eat human remains and grow to be the size of a cat –Kill by gunfire, bayonet, or clubbins –Rats can produce up to 900 offspring a year

9 Daily Life- Frogs, Lice, and Worse Lice- breeds in dirty clothes, body heat causes eggs to hatch. Lice causes TRENCH FEVER (recovery took up to 12 weeks) Frogs found in shell holes Trench foot- fungal infection caused by cold, wet, unsanitary conditions

10 The Trench Cycle In each battalion, people were expected to serve in the front line for a little. Then, they would move to support. Then, they would move to reserve lines. It depended on the necessities of the situation- some would spend longer time in the front, depending on the location Normally about 70 days in the front line

11 Breakfast After “stand to,” breakfast was served. It was an unofficial truce

12 What other aspects of daily life can you imagine in the trenches?

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