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July 2007 egeplast Werner Strumann GmbH & Co. KG Robert-Bosch-Straße 7 48268 Greven.

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1 July 2007 egeplast Werner Strumann GmbH & Co. KG Robert-Bosch-Straße 7 48268 Greven

2 The new factory Commissioned:January 2001 Size of grounds: 150,000 m² Production facilities: approx. 18,000 m² Extrusion hall: 90 m wide, 150 m long Extrusion lines:14 Dimensional range:DA 7 – 1200 mm Pipe raw materials:PE and PP Rated capacity/year:55.000 tonnes

3 Pipe Installation back then…. Civil works up to 90%only 10% pipe material Quelle: A. Hügging in 3R international (2000) Quelle: Fiedler, Göttinger AWT 2006 Open Installation Trenchless by Relining Quelle: Gelsenwasser Non-conventional pipelaying saves money – however, requirements towards pipe material are higher ! Up to 50% cost for surface restoration Strong growth in non-conventional installation techniques over the past 20 years and today!

4 Development of PE-HD as a Material for Pipes 1970198019902000 Year Perfomance PE 63 1st Generation PE 80 2nd Generation PE 100 3rd Generation PE100 RC

5 HDPE:filamentary macromolecule with a few branches Polyethylene molecule crystalline structure branches Polyethylene : Molecular Structure

6 crystalline amorphous high stiffness high strength high ductility high crack resistance high resistance against scratches and notches PE-moleculeProperty short molecules without branches long molecules with branches Structure Influence on Materials Properties crystalline amorphous

7 without Comonomer with Comonomer Increase of Resistance against Slow Crack Growth SCG by Comonomer Branches

8 Chain length Content [%] By bimodal distribution strength and ductility were equally increased monomodale bimodale 1. Generation: monomodale - without comonomer 2. Generation: monomodale - with comonomer 3. Generation: bimodale - with comonomer Increasing the crack resistance: Comonomer branch in longest macromolecules Today: 3rd Generation PE

9 Trench Installation in Sand Bed egelen ® Trench Installation without Sand Bed egeplast 90 10 ® Trenchless Installation/ Renewal egeplast SLM ® 2.0 The Right Pipe System for every Application

10 Environmental safety through permanent leakage monitoring egeplast 3L/SLA ® Protecting drinking water in Contaminated Soil egeplast SLA ® 2.0 egeplast SLM ® 2.0 DCT Detection of embedded pipelines and checking the integrity The Right Pipe System for every Application

11 PloughingMilling Scoring Point load Sand bedding unnecessary thanks to modern materials Use of excavated soil allows quicker and more cost-effective installation. In Rural regions modern techniques like ploughing and milling decrease the contracting time Additional point loads are exert on the pipe during its live time by stones Pipe system need to be stable against these point loads, so that these do not result in stress-induced cracking Trench Installation without Sand bed  Special Quality Control of the slow crack properties guarantees the long lifetime of these pipes !

12 Notch-Test (DIN EN ISO 13479) > 5000 h acc. KRV Richtlinie R 14.6.36 Full Notch Creep-Test FNCT (ISO/DIS 16770) Point Load Test acc. Dr. Hessel PE 100 RC plus Resistance to Slow Crack Growth Testing

13 Resistance to Crack Correlation between FNCT and Pipe Pressure Test Source: HESSEL Ingenieurtechnik PE 63 PE 80 PE 100 PE 100 RC plus (Resistence to Crack) > 3300 h DVGW GW 323 „Berstlining“ PE 100+

14 Materials in Comparison

15 PE 100 RC in accordance with KRV Standard R 14.6.36 Testing time Notched Pipe Test according to DIN EN ISO 13479: MaterialTemperaturePressureTime [°C] [bar] [h] PE 100 RC 80 9,2> 5000 Additionally egeplast PE 100 RC plus : Point Load Test as a type test: > 8760 h at 80°C, Arkopal N-100,  =4,0 N/mm² Testing time FNCT (ISO/DIS 16770 ) each lot: > 3300 h bei 80°C, Arkopal N-100,  =4,0 N/mm² Acc. Dr. Hessel in 3R international 4/2001 und 6/2001

16 The ideal combination: Modern crack-resistant Materials and intelligent pipe structure 90 % of the standard wall thickness PE 100 RC black 10 % of the standard wall thickness PE 100 RC coloured =100 % safety A 10% coloured outer layer is isometrically integrated to allow an exact evaluation of the pipe surface pursuant to DVS, DVGW, KRV and EN standards. Max. 10% damaging are permissible. Trench Installation without Sand bed Reducing Costs without forfeiting safety egeplast 90 10 ® Pressure pipe manufactured from PE 100 RC plus (Resistance to Crack)

17 Signing out the Scratch Depth One Layer Pipe Control of Scratch Depth is impossible! egeplast 90 10 ® Scratch Depth is Controllable!

18 Trench Installation without Sand Bed Installation without Sand Bed is possible Geometry of the pipe wall 5.740 m DA 315 x 18,7 mm; SDR 17 660 m DA 315 x 28,6 mm; SDR 11 3.060 m DA 250 x 14,8 mm; SDR 17

19 Butt Welding Different layers are welded together, the welding process follows typical standards like DVS 2207, part 1. Electro Fusion Coupler Welding of two layer pipe: Standard

20 Preoperational Cleaning of a new Pipeline Cutting the but weld Cutting Process

21 Trenchless Installation and Renovation Techniques Horizontal Drilling Pipe BerstingRelining Pipe is pulled through undefined bore hole (black box)

22 egeplast 90 10 ® - SLM ® 2.0 Isometrically integrated, 10% coloured outer layer, to allow an exact scratch evaluation Additional extremely robust protective coating made of reinforced polypropylene Pressure pipe manufactured from PE 100 RC (Resistance to Crack) According DVGW standard GW 335 A2 Pressure pipe manufactured from PE 100 RC (Resistance to Crack) according DVGW standard GW 335 A2

23 [mm] 0 1 egeplast SLM ® 2.0 Coextruded Multilayer Pipe e.g. egeplast 9010 ® 0 [mm] 1 23 Unprotected PE Pipe Scratches penetrate polyethylene pipes 3 times deeper than coating No Damages under the coating No-Dig Technology Unprotected PE-Pipe vs. Coated Pipe after No-Dig Technology

24 Protective Function Safety Welding Conditions after No-Dig Technologies

25 Relining of Cast Iron Pipe 200m SLM ® 2.0 280 x 25,4mm, PN 10 Projects: Relining

26 Berstlining for renovation of cast iron pipes GG-Pipe (Gas) Bore hole for tapping valve Pulling rod Bersting of the cast iron pipe Projects: Berstlining

27 Projects: Drilling Drilling through Karst rock in Austria SLM ® 2.0 OD 180mm SDR 7.4 sewage pipe with an overall length of 516m Drilling length about 400m

28 Projects House connections Berstlining of a cast iron pipe

29 Thank you for your attention!

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