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Trench Warefare in Battles

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1 Trench Warefare in Battles
The Battle of Verdun The Battle of the Somme


3 Trench Life Wet, Soggy, Rat and Lice Infested Food Shortages
Trench foot – foot rot Shell Shock – soldiers get Post-Traumatic Stress syndrome Spent long periods of time in Trenches

4 What is a “Battle of Attrition?”
“Bleed the Enemy White” Meaning: wear down the enemy with continuous pressure so that they surrender no matter what the cost

5 February 21st – December 18th, 1916
The Battle of Verdun February 21st – December 18th, 1916

6 Where the Battle Occurred
Fort of Verdun Extreme significance to French Heavy French fortification In short, it was of greater value symbolically than strategically.


8 What happened Feb. to Dec. Germany offensive of French lines
Germany gained land French fight back to regain land Result: French casualties - 550,000 German casualties - 434,000 ½ of total were fatalities.  The only real effect of the battle was the irrevocable wounding of both armies.  No tactical or strategic advantage had been gained by either side.

9 The Battle of the Somme July 1st – November 18th, 1916

10 Where did it Occur

11 What happened Britain bombarded Germany for 8 days end - June 28, 1916
Walked across lines to see what little was left of Germany Germany was ready

12 Result of 1st Day Loss of 58,000 British troops (one third of them killed) on the first day of the battle Became the Greatest loss in British military history

13 Result of Battle Ended mid-Nov. 420,000 British casualties
200,000 French casualties.  500,000 German Casualties All for the British and French gain of 12 kilometres of ground

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