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World War I The Trenches and Weapons Mrs. Cavell Honors US History.

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1 World War I The Trenches and Weapons Mrs. Cavell Honors US History

2 Trench Life Trench Life was marked by death and stalemate Defined as: Two opposing armies attacking one another from small fortifications dug with entrenching tools For more than three years hundreds of thousands of men died for mere yards of land

3 Problems of the Trenches RATS: Millions of rats infested the trenches. They would feats of the remains of the soldiers and gorge themselves until they were the size of a large cat. LICE: Body lice was absolutely impossible to get rid of. Filthy clothes and no way to wash them brought on bouts of Lice Fever which produced high fevers and horrific pain.

4 Problems continued: THE ELEMENTS: There was no protection from wind, rain, and snow. Trenches were filled with water causing TRENCH FOOT and TRENCH MOUTH. BOREDOM: It seems odd to say that you would be bored during war, but movement was restricted during the day for fear of a snipers bullet. Waiting became the daily routine.


6 Trench Pictures Trench Foot

7 Trench Pictures Trench Foot

8 Trench Pictures Trench Mouth

9 Trench Pictures Trench Rats

10 No Man’s Land No man’s land was the area between the trenches It was a place of destruction that was littered with shell fragments, craters, dead bodies and barbed wire. All plant and animal life was completely destroyed.

11 No Man’s Land Picture No MAN belonged here!

12 Machine Guns World War I machine guns

13 Big Bertha A German howitzer created on the eve of WWI

14 U-Boats Used strategically to sink supply ships headed for Britain and France

15 Poison Gas Mustard Gas Burns

16 Gas Masks Equipment designed to help protect you from a poison gas attack

17 Poison Gas Burns 2 Gas burns any exposed moist flesh

18 Flame Throwers Clearing the Trenches

19 Flame Throwers The actual design

20 Do you understand the meaning of the “War to end all wars”? 1.Yes…The machinery of this war makes it clear 2.Sort-of, this war sets the stage for future wars. 3.Not really…Need more explanation.

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