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WWI Life In The Trenches. Trench Lines Trench Diagram.

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1 WWI Life In The Trenches

2 Trench Lines


4 Trench Diagram


6 No Man’s Land Area between enemy trenches

7 Food in the Trenches Soldiers survived on small amounts of canned beef and old bread. Bread was weeks old. Meat was often spoiled. Soldiers often got sick from the food.

8 Dysentery Dysentery is a disease of the digestive system. Caused by the consumption of bacteria in food and water (Bacteria from fecal material) Remember there were no bathrooms! Disease causes intense stomach pains and diarrhea. Can be fatal if one becomes dehydrated.

9 Water in the Trenches Most of these trenches had standing water (some waist high). Soldiers would have to stand in this cold muddy water for days at a time. No showers, no change of cloths, no drying off. Muddy trenches would collapse. Standing in water for long periods of time caused “Trench Foot”

10 Waterlogged Trench

11 Trench Foot A infection caused by cold wet, unsanitary conditions. Feet would go numb, then skin would turn red or blue. If left untreated could lead to amputation.


13 Trench Foot

14 Gas Attack Soldiers lived in fear of gas attacks Soldiers had to wear gas masks for long periods of time. Very uncomfortable! Many of them leaked. Hard to see!



17 WWI Gas Mask



20 Trench Rats Dead soldiers were buried near the trench. When new trenches were dug, these bodies were dug up Huge rats would come eat the decomposing bodies.

21 Body Lice Men in the trenches were covered with lice. Caused blotchy red marks all over the body

22 Body Lice

23 The Latrines Latrines were the trench toilets Nothing but a hole 4 to 5 feet deep Latrine duty was given out as punishment. Very unsanitary!

24 Write a letter home What is life like for you in the trenches?

25 How would you protect yourself from these rats?

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