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Trench Warfare.

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1 Trench Warfare

2 What is trench warfare?

3 Military operations in which the opposing forces attack and counterattack from systems of fortified ditches rather than an open battlefield Strategy of defending a position by fighting from the protection of deep ditches

4 Trench Diagrams

5 First Battle of the Marne
French troops stop German advance Germans dig in and prepare to hold their ground Two massive systems of opposing trenches stretch for 400 miles across the western front

6 What was it like? “Men standing in slime for days and nights in field boots…lost all sense of feeling in their feet. These feet of theirs, so cold and wet, began to swell and then go ‘dead’ and then suddenly to burn as though touched by red hot pokers.” A picture of trench foot

7 “Nothing to see but bare mud walls, nowhere to sit but on a wet muddy ledge; no shelter of any kind against the weather except the clothes you are wearing; no exercise you can take in order to warm yourself.”

8 Trench Conditions Hopeless Bleak and uncomfortable
Trenches ranged from simple holes to complex networks that were six to eight feet deep with rooms for sleeping and eating Cold, wet, and dirty Many health problems- disease spreads rapidly Wide enough for 2 people to pass Little shelter from the elements Boring- could only repair trenches at night under cover of darkness Attacks came before dawn Soldiers “go over the top” and are mowed down by machine gun

9 From trench to trench Area in between trenches called “no- man’s land”
200 to 1000 yards Much of fighting took place here “Littered with the bodies of men”

10 The atomic bomb The cannon The fighter jet Poison gas
Some historians call WWI the first industrial war. Several new technologies were developed for warfare. One of the most destructive new weapons used in WWI was The atomic bomb The cannon The fighter jet Poison gas Response Grid Countdown 10

11 How did technology make WWI different from previous conflicts?
The destructive nature of new weapons meant the war ended quickly The destructive nature of the new weapons meant more casualties Less men were required to fight Generals were able to control the fight fully Response Grid Countdown 10

12 Battle strategy in which soldiers fought from deep pits dug in the earth
Schlieffen Plan Triple Entente Alliance System Trench Warfare Response Grid

13 New weapon that caused blindness, blisters and choking.
Poison gas Machine Gun Tank No Man’s Land Response Grid

14 Who was President of the US during WWI?
Warren G. Harding Calvin Coolidge Woodrow Wilson Abraham Lincoln Response Grid

15 Participant Scores Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3
Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4 Participant 5

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