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Scotland Post Independence Referendum Regional Impact.

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3 Scotland Post Independence Referendum Regional Impact

4 Independence or More Devolution? Scotland and the regions And the Midlands

5 What Powers? Devolved Health Justice Education Next? Defence Foreign Policy Welfare Economic levers

6 More Devolution Welfare “Bedroom Tax”, Pensions, Economy Taxation APD, Corporation Tax, VAT

7 Where next? Engagement Co-operation Competition Collaboration

8 18 September 2014 The Scottish People Decide

9 Douglas A. Thomson Doug is an award winning fund manager with over 25 years experience in global financial markets, working at director level with blue chip firms in Scotland and in the City. He currently runs his own corporate affairs and corporate advisory consultancy focussing on legislative and public policy issues from a Scottish perspective. Closely involved with the workings of the Holyrood Parliament and the Scottish Government, Doug has a comprehensive understanding of Scotland’s wider political and business landscape to enable him to articulate the key messages on behalf of his public affairs clients across the UK.

10 Douglas A Thomson Principal D A Thomson Associates 4 Blacket Place Edinburgh EH9 1RL 07500 845761


12 Scotland Post Independence Referendum: Regional Impact Paul Forrest Head of Research WMEF Friday 20 th June 2014 The Midlands Economy : East & West Dimensions

13 13 Scot landScot land


15 Queen in Council Maritime Border Scottish Law English Law Berwick Border? The Scottish-English Borders Source: BBC & WMEF Oil revenue currently allocated to the UK Continental Shelf Region






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