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The Palace of Versailles.

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1 The Palace of Versailles


3 The Hall of Mirrors

4 The Marble Court

5 Main Entrance of the Palace of Versailles

6 Interior of the Place of Versailles




10 The King’s Bedroom

11 Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom

12 The Garden’s of Versailles



15 Marie Antoinette’s Estate

16 The Grand Trianon

17 The Petit Trianon

18 Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet

19 The Dovecote

20 The Mill

21 Palace of Versailles- Virtual Tour Video Clips: The Palace of Versailles, documentary style Part One (5:01) Part Two (5:00) Part Three (5:01) Part Four (5:03) Part Five (5:01)

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