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What life was like in the 1900’s Researched and written by year 1.

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1 What life was like in the 1900’s Researched and written by year 1.

2 Introduction This book will tell you about life in Victorian times when Queen Victoria was on the throne. You can find out about how they used to keep clean, cook, eat and relax. Investigate how they used to go to the toilet. Caitlin

3 Keeping clean In the 1900’s people used carbolic soap. They used it for everything. They had a metal bath. They used it on Fridays. They had an outside tap which was cold. They boiled the water and then put it in the range. Today we have showers. Now people have white soap which smells very interesting. We have a bath in a bathroom. The water comes from the tap and you don’t have to boil it. Yvonne, Ciara, Joe The baby is having a bath in 1900 Victorian Today

4 Cooking In the 1900’s they cooked on a range. They cooked porridge and cooked bread on the range. The range was black. Now we use a microwave and an oven. People still eat toast but they use a toaster. Today we use electric kettles and mixers. Misty and Cameron Porridge pot Electric kettles

5 Going to the toilet In the olden days they used newspaper for tissue when they went to the toilet. The toilet was out side and the seat was made of wood. It was smelly. At night time they had a chamber pot under their bed. In 2008 the toilet always smells nice and has tissue paper. It is clean and indoors. We have coloured bathrooms and soap that smells gorgeous. Shaney and Lucy Victorian toilet Today.

6 Cleaning In the 1900’s they did not have a hoover. They had to use a dust pan and brush. The houses were dirty because of the coal. In 2008 the housework is easy because we have hoovers. We have a clean house and use a big brush. We also have fresh air sprays to make the rooms smell nice. Joshua and Bethany Victorian brushes. Modern brush.

7 Keeping warm In the olden days they had two layers of clothes. They used a range to keep warm. A range is a big black cooker. A range has a fire. Today we have radiators and hot water bottles and fires that are electric. We have heating as well. Kyle and Holly Today In 1900

8 Sleeping A long time ago they used to have water bottles made of clay. They had lumpy beds. They had candles to see where they were going. Now hot water bottles are made of rubber. We have comfortable beds with duvets. Freya Simon Melanie Victorian bedroom Today’s bedroom

9 In the1900’s they had a dolly tub to wash clothes. To iron the clothes they used the slug iron. They had hot fire to heat the iron. Today we wash the clothes in a washing machine. We have a tumble dryer. We plug the iron in. Jordan, Chloe, Owen WASHING Dolly stick Victorian wash day A modern washing machine

10 Relaxing In the past they used to play marbles.. The family liked to do jigsaw puzzles and read books. Today we like to play on our play station. We watch television. Harry, Lewis and Oliver Relaxing

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