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Final Review Units 13-17. Unit 13 Vocabulary Around the House Garage Fence Stairs Front door Swimming pool Roof Yard Porch Air Conditioner Attic Furniture.

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Presentation on theme: "Final Review Units 13-17. Unit 13 Vocabulary Around the House Garage Fence Stairs Front door Swimming pool Roof Yard Porch Air Conditioner Attic Furniture."— Presentation transcript:

1 Final Review Units 13-17

2 Unit 13 Vocabulary Around the House Garage Fence Stairs Front door Swimming pool Roof Yard Porch Air Conditioner Attic Furniture

3 Unit 13 Vocabulary What Houses Are Made Of Wood Brick Stone Stucco Glass

4 Unit 13 Rooms In The House Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Dining Room Family Room Laundry Room Closet

5 Unit 13 Features Of Living Room Couch Coffee Table Rocking Chair Fireplace TV Piano Rug Shelves

6 Unit 13 Features of Kitchen Stove Sink Refrigerator Freezer Dish Washer Cabinets Counter Fan Microwave

7 Unit 13 Features of Bedroom Bed Dresser Desk Closet Mirror Phone Bed Spread Blankets Pillow

8 Unit 13 Features of Bathroom Bathtub Shower Toilet Towel Soap Tissue

9 Unit 13 Accessories/Fixtures Picture Curtains Blinds Lamp Plant Folding Chairs

10 Unit 13 Office Objects Folder Tape Stamps Envelope Dictionary Scissors Eraser Phone Phonebook Glue Picture Frame Calendar

11 Unit 13 Home Objects Shoe Polish Nail Screwdriver Newspaper Coins Broom Vacuum Matches Candles Nail clippers Keys Needle and thread Safety pins Magazine TTY Captions Umbrella Pain Pills Clock Camera Photo Album Bills Sleeping Bag

12 Unit 13 Opinions about Places Comfortable Nice Cozy Roomy Large Medium Small

13 Unit 13 Rearrangements and Renovations Change Replace Rearrange Renovate Empty Discard

14 Unit 13 Quantifiers ALL-None All Most Many Some Few None

15 Unit 13 Review Key Phrases Does your house have a ceiling fan, can you describe it? Describe bedroom. Explain you are looking for a key, ask where. Tell where in the bedroom the key can be found. Ask if your refrigerator is new or used. Ask whether your stove is electric or gas.

16 Unit 14 Vocabulary Ailments Headache Muscles Ache Cramps Cough Runny nose Cough Sore throat Scratch Swollen Tired Insomnia Stomach ache Vomit Dizzy Diarrhea Rash

17 Unit 14 Tell You Don’t Feel Good Don’t feel good Feel Lousy Feel Awful

18 Unit 14 Empathize Pshaw Wow Awful

19 Unit 14 Remedies Medicine Cough Medicine Syrup Take medicine Lotion Ear drops Go see the doctor Rest

20 Unit 14 Time Signs Recurring: – Every Morning – Every Afternoon – Every Night – Everyday – Every Week – Every Month – Every Hour Continuous: – All Morning – All Afternoon – All Night – All Day – All Week – All Month – All Hour – Since

21 Unit 14 Sick-of Tend-to Complain

22 Unit 14 Pet’s Behaviors That Can Be Irritating Bite Lick Shed Meow Jump On Bark

23 Unit 14 Children’s Behaviors That Can Be Irritating Lose Things Spill Drop Steal Break Fight Forgot Snatch/Take Tattle Cry Noise Lie Argue Scare Complain Mischievous

24 Unit 14 Roommate/Spouse’s Behaviors That Can Be Irritating Go-Out Late Borrow Dirty Clean Over Sleep Tempt Spend money fast Worry Bite Nails Take from Smoke Leave alone Body odor Go to bathroom a lot Broke Behind in work

25 Unit 14 Neighbor’s Behaviors That Can Be Irritating Noisy Nosy Annoying Come over too much Gossip

26 Unit 14 Agreement Verbs Tell-to Ask-to Inform Go-to Deaf-phone (call by phone) Give-to Show-to Summon

27 Unit 14 Key Phrases Tell about itching all over after every bath Complain about dog taking shoes Complain about children horsing around too much. Complain about nosy neighbors Request help with task – Ex. You are busy cooking, ask someone to pick up your prescription from the store. Ask a person to tell someone to come and see you.

28 Unit 14 Key Phrases Ask permission to join a group Ask a person to hold your chair for you. Request to move up time of meeting. – Decline, suggest alternative time Request permission to borrow truck – Decline tell why you can’t let them borrow truck. – Agree but with a condition. – Agree

29 Unit 15 Life Events Born Deaf School Grow up Graduate Transfer College Go up in years Fall in love Marry Job offer Move Principal Car accident Single Retire

30 Unit 15 Life Events Settle-down Die Laid off Fired Hire Later-on Before/Prior Promote Drop-out/quit Take test Pass License

31 Unit 15 Describing Ethnic Make Up Generation Full Half Conflict Strong 100 Percent Country Little/Part

32 Unit 15 Compass North South East West From Itself Happen Thereabouts Fictional/fake Finish-Touch Create/Make-up

33 Unit 15 Continents Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America Antarctica

34 Unit 15 States California Alaska Colorado Indiana Michigan Montana Arizona Hawaii Texas Washington New York Utah

35 Unit 15 Countries Austria Canada China Cuba Denmark Egypt England Finland France Germany Greece Holland Hong Kong India

36 Unit 15 Countries Iran Iraq Ireland Israel/Jewish Italy Japan Korea Mexico Norway Philippines Poland Puerto Rico Russia Scotland Spain Sweden

37 Unit 15 Countries Switzerland Taiwan Vietnam Yugoslavia Native American

38 Unit 15 Why People Move Religion Law Government Christian Catholic Economic Depression Epidemic Earthquake Flood Tornado Hurricane Oppression Persecution Slavery Chaos Better Education

39 Unit 15 Key Phrases Ask if someone is full Russian. Tell that you are mostly Chinese with some French. Tell about an unexpected change. Tell how men moved to avoid/escape the draft.

40 Unit 16 Vocabulary Wood Metal Rubber Plastic Glass Paper Fabric Clay Ceramic

41 Unit 16 Vocabulary Cook Boil Mash Poach Bake Stir Chop Cube/dice Flip Fry Grate Pour Sprinkle Roll Spread Scoop

42 Unit 16 Vocabulary Salad Lettuce Mushroom Tomato Onion Carrot Corn Broccoli Bell pepper Tofu Peas Potato Beef Steak Pork ham

43 Unit 16 Vocabulary Bacon Fish Chicken Turkey Hamburger Hotdog/sausage Cheese Sour cream Butter Eggs Milk Ice cream Yogurt

44 Unit 16 Vocabulary Jam Sugar Mustard Mayonnaise Ketchup Salt Pepper Relish Cherry Grapes Banana Pineapple Strawberry Apple Lemon Peach

45 Unit 16 Vocabulary Watermelon Pear Grapefruit Blueberry Bread Nuts Rice Delicious Weird/strange/odd Taste awful Gross Ew Sweet Bitter/sour Spicy/hot Oily/Greasy

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