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Field Studies: Sullivan Bay McCrae Homestead. Australian Curriculum HISTORY History / Year 3 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / Community and.

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1 Field Studies: Sullivan Bay McCrae Homestead

2 Australian Curriculum HISTORY History / Year 3 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / Community and Remembrance Content description ONE important example of change and ONE important example of continuity over time in the local community, region or state/territory; for example, in relation to the areas of transport, work, education, natural and built environments, entertainment, daily life Elaborations investigating a development in the local community from the time of European settlement to the present day (for example through photographs, newspapers, oral histories, diaries and letters) comparing photographs from both the past and present of a specific location to identify the nature of change or continuity (that is key similarities and differences)

3 Write notes beside these photos about what you observe of the landscape at Sullivan Bay now. How did white settlement impact on the geography and population of this part of Victoria? [How do we know?]

4 This photo shows modern sailing boats (pleasure craft) moored off Sullivan Bay. How did the first European settlers get to Sullivan Bay? How long did their journey take? Find out some more information about their ships and living conditions and record it as dot points.

5 Who do you think in buried at the Sullivan Bay site? What is your reasoning?

6 What does this monument commemorate? Why is it important to remember this? Make rubbings of the plaques to examine and use at school.

7 National Trust of Australia – Victoria McCrae Homestead and Galleries 11 Beverley Road, McCrae 3938 Ph: 5981 2866 Open: Saturday and Sundays 12pm to 4pm (winter hours) Groups by appointment. Admission: Adults $6, Concession & Children $5, Family $12, Members Free History: Built in 1844 by Andrew and Georgiana McCrae, McCrae Homestead is one of Victoria's oldest homesteads and is a physical reminder of the early pioneering life, using locally available materials and primitive construction techniques. Georgiana was an accomplished artist, musician and diarist. Her beautiful sketches are housed in the gallery beside the original homestead which contains the rare collection of 19th Century family heirlooms and artworks. McCrae Homestead & Galleries

8 COMPLETE THIS BIOGRAPHICAL CLOZE TASK The life of Georgiana McCrae - an aristocratic woman in early Melbourne Georgiana McCrae was a daughter of the _______of Gordon. In Britain she was recognized as an excellent painter and in 1820, at the age of 16, she won a silver medal from the Royal Society of ______ for her work. In 1830 Georgiana __________Andrew McCrae, a lawyer who initially practiced in Edinburgh. In 1838, he booked passage to Australia, which he ______________offered huge opportunities. Georgiana, unable to travel at that time due to illness, is said to have raised the _____________to purchase passage by painting miniatures. She and her children landed at Port Phillip on 1 March 1841. When Georgiana _____________in Melbourne the settlement was only five years old and was a virtual shanty town. The cottage her husband had rented in Lonsdale Street was nothing like Gordon Castle, where Georgiana had __________ in her youth. The cottage had an outdoor toilet, mud floors and a hole in the roof for the cooking fire __________to escape. The privileged life she had led as a member of the English upper class was well and truly over. In February 1842 they moved to Mayfield, on the Yarra _________ (near Studley Park), designed by her and described as 'one of the first superior houses erected in the Colony'. In 1843 Andrew took up the 'Arthur's Seat' run near Dromana, and there built a __________ in which the family lived from 1845 to 1851. Georgiana is said to have welcomed local Aboriginal people when they passed through each year. Georgiana was acknowledged by other run holders for being as useful as a drover among cattle and horses, and was renowned as a 'medicine woman'. Although her husband moved about, including going to the goldfields, Georgiana ___________in Melbourne. There she died in 1890 at the age of 85. Today she is _____________as a true Melbourne pioneer, an accomplished artist and brave woman. Georgiana McCraeRoyal Society of ______goldfields

9 Write a detailed description of McCrae Homestead.

10 How do we know who lived here first? George Gordon McCrae, c1844 Pencil, ink and watercolour on paper

11 Portrait of Eliza Georgiana McCrae, c 1845 Watercolour and pencil on paper

12 THINK ABOUT IT! Paste a photo here of your home or a modern home and write a detailed description of it. SimilaritiesDifferences Now, compare the 2 homes and list things that are (i) the same and (ii) different.

13 What was this room used for at McCrae Homestead? How does the furniture reveal these purposes?

14 1840s Kitchen Equipment Equivalent Modern Equipment Comments Fill in the table with a detailed list of the equipment you can see in this 1840s kitchen. Next to each object write the modern equivalent. Place comments about your discoveries in the last column.

15 In this 1840s kitchen a cool chest was on display. Sketch it. What was its purpose? How well did it work? Why was this such an important piece of kitchen equipment? THINK ABOUT IT! Create an illustrated timeline to show how people kept their food cool between the 1840s and now.

16 Bits & pieces Label as many objects as you can in this collection with their name and use. What can you tell about the lifestyle of the people who owned these bits and pieces? Do you have a junk room at your home? What sorts of things are in it? Why are they junk?

17 Building Methods When was McCrae Homestead constructed? What was the purpose of the building? Who built it? How was McCrae Homestead constructed? Where did the materials come from? Why are the window panes so small? Where were the windows made and how were they transported to the house? THINK ABOUT IT! What are some disadvantages and advantages of this type of building?

18 Flooring What is on the floor in this guest room? Why? Where did it come from and how was it made? How did such objects come to be at McCrae Homestead?

19 Main Bedroom How many people slept in this bedroom at McCrae Homestead? What sort of rug is on the floor? What was it made from? Could we replicate this handcraft? Who would have made furnishings such as this in an 1840s home? What sort of quilts are on the beds? How were these made and by whom?

20 Child’s Bedroom Which 3 materials have been used to cover the slab walls of this bedroom? FIND OUT: How are the walls in your home constructed and covered? (see if you can find a diagram)

21 On the shelf…List the things you can see on this wooden shelf in the second boys’ bedroom at McCrae Homestead: Object/ artefactMade from?21 st Century versionMade from?

22 Personalising Your Space Why would a boy living in the 1840s have a picture like this on his bedroom wall? What decorates the walls in your bedroom at the moment?

23 Collect and paste in photos of the bedrooms at your home or of 21 st century bedrooms from catalogues and magazines. THINK ABOUT IT! What has stayed the same and what has changed about bedrooms over time?

24 The Study List the items you can see here and remember seeing in Georgiana McCrae’s private study. List the items you would expect to see in a 21 st Century study. Highlight things that are used for similar purposes in both.

25 Keeping in touch with friends! What is the purpose of each of these artefacts? Find images of modern versions of these artefacts in use now. What covering is used on the seat of the chair shown here? Who would have made such fabrics and how long would it have taken? Letter casePortable writing set

26 Prized possessions…. Why would these objects be on display in the best room in McCrae Homestead? Do you have a ‘best room’ in your home? If so, what is in it and how often do you use it? THINK ABOUT IT! What change is currently happening in the form of books? Are books more or less valuable now than in the 1840s? Why? Is being able to read more or less valuable now than in the 1840s? Why?

27 Entertainment List common forms of entertainment in the past and then list common forms of entertainment today. What remains the same? What has changed?

28 TOYS Label these toys from McCrae Homestead.

29 ToyMade from Manufactured or handmade? Find modern versions from toy catalogues Comments : Complete the table

30 Housework What were these artefacts used for in the 1840s? Find pictures of equivalent modern objects and paste them below.

31 Housework About how much time did the servants and females in this 1840s home spend on household chores each day? List some of their chores: Housework – then & now Continuities or similaritiesChanges or differences

32 Keeping Clean Place a picture of a 21 st Century bathroom below. Compare and contrast the two using a Venn diagram.

33 Cleaning yourself Going to the toilet Comfort

34 Keeping Healthy This small box of potions was the medicine chest for a family in the 1840s. The mother of the family was responsible for nursing everyone in the household. THINK ABOUT IT! How has keeping healthy changed over time?

35 Education What are these and what were they used for in the 19 th Century? What main tools are used in modern classrooms? How were boys and girls educated at this time and by whom?

36 Learning about where we live… The McCrae boys made this map of Australia with their tutor in the 1840s. Why do you think they did this task?

37 Practical skills for girls What is this artefact ? What was its purpose? How has the education of girls changed over time in Victoria?

38 IWB – Virtual Field Trip McCrae Homestead and Museum MC CRAE HOMESTEAD (Entrance)11 Beverley Road, McCrae Melway ref:158 K10 Sat/Sun 12.00 - 4.30 Enquiries 03 5981 2866 Opening Hours: 12 pm to 4.30 pm Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Contact the property for additional times for group bookings. (Closed on Wednesdays in July & August).

39 Major Assessment Tasks Multimodal Tasks (1) Illustrated Timeslip Narrative – using image of tree in McCrae Homestead garden… Now to Then OR Then to Now. (2) Write and perform a play set in McCrae Homestead in the mid-1800s (3) Use the images of McCrae Homestead to create an IWB display with linked annotated images of equivalent modern objects.

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