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By: Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY.

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1 By: Ms. Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY

2 Young Louis XIV

3 L’ouis XIV


5 L’ etat c’est moi! By Hyacinthe Rigaud By Hyacinthe Rigaud

6 Louis XIV’s Carriage

7 The Bourbon Family Crest

8 L’ ouis XIV as Apollo

9 by Jean Nocret, 1670

10 The Sun Symbol

11 Louis XIV Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1665

12 Marie Theresa & the Dauphin

13 Jean-Baptiste Colbert

14 Versailles Statistics f 2,000 acres of grounds f 12 miles of roads f 27 miles of trellises f 200,000 trees f 210,000 flowers planted every year f 80 miles of rows of trees f 55 acres surface area of the Grand Canal f 12 miles of enclosing walls f 50 fountains and 620 fountain nozzles f 21 miles of water conduits f 3,600 cubic meters per hour: water consumed f 26 acres of roof f 51,210 square meters of floors f 2,153 windows f 700 rooms f 67 staircases f 6,000 paintings f 1,500 drawings and 15,000 engravings f 2,100 sculptures f 5,000 items of furniture and objects d'art f 150 varieties of apple and peach trees in the Vegetable Garden

15 Louis XIII’s Old Chateau

16 Versailles Today

17 Palais de Versailles


19 Versailles Palace, Park Side

20 Garden View of Versailles

21 Chateau de Versailles


23 André Le Nôtre, Royal Gardener

24 Versailles’ Northern Gardens

25 Gardens at Versailles

26 Chateau de Versailles Gardens

27 The Orangery

28 Grounds at Versailles

29 The Lightening of the Belvedere by Claude Chatelet, 1781

30 Fountains, Fountains, and More Fountains!

31 And More Fountains!


33 And Even More Fountains!!!

34 Temple of Love

35 Hall of Mirrors

36 The Queen’s Bed The King’s Bed

37 Louis XIV’s Chapel

38 Louis XIV’s Chapel Altarpiece

39 Organ in Louis XIV’s Chapel

40 Louis XIV’s Opera Stage

41 Cabinet with Views of Versailles, 19c

42 Louis XIV Furniture

43 The Gallery of Battles

44 Louis XV [r. 1715 – 1774]

45 The “Hunts” of Louis XV

46 Madame de Pompadour

47 Madame de Pompadour’s Bedroom

48 Petite Trianon, Madame de Pompadour’s Chateau

49 Marie Antoinette & Her Children

50 Marie Antoinette’s Boudoir

51 Marie Antoinette’s “Peasant” House

52 Marie Antoinette’s “Peasant’s Hut”


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