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Off-Grid Solar Power System Engineering Service Learning (Engr. 4692.01S) Zach Dombi, Vincent Mazzone Bradley “Scott” Valentine, Peter Worley 5/29/2014.

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1 Off-Grid Solar Power System Engineering Service Learning (Engr S) Zach Dombi, Vincent Mazzone Bradley “Scott” Valentine, Peter Worley 5/29/2014

2 Presentation Topics 1.Project Details a.Background b.Objectives 2.Design a.Process b.Electrical c.Mechanical 3.Post-Trip Results a.Issues Encountered b.Objectives Achieved/Deliverables c.Sustainability and Ownership d.Cost Analysis 5.Conclusion 6.References and Acknowledgements

3 Introduction RoleTeam MemberSpecialization Team LeaderZach DombiElectrical CommunicationPeter WorleyMechanical DocumentationScott ValentineElectrical FinancialVincent MazzoneChemical Team Members

4 Background Information: Problem ●Model Home ○Stability ○Health ○Living Condition ●Residential Electricity ○Lights ○Cellphone ○Television ○Fans ○Refrigerator

5 Background Information: Goal ●Vocational School Dorm ○Model home plus wings ○8 students ●Off-Grid Power ○Grid unreliable ○High rates ○Long term vision ●Wind Power Impractical

6 Need ●Scope o Construct pilot off-grid solar system at local home o Power numerous appliances o 1 day autonomy ●Constraints o $1,400 budget o Local parts o Safety o Replicable design

7 Objectives ●Deliverables o Functioning solar system o Information and maintenance packet o On-site testing  Power levels  Completed circuit o Economic Analysis  Rate of return

8 Design Process 1.Determine desired electrical devices 2.Determine energy demand 3.Size inverter - max wattage a.Max wattage 4.Determine insolation or sun-hours/day 5.Select solar panels a.15% inverter loss b.16% 20 year loss 6.Size batteries - 50% depth 7.Determine wire and circuit breakers

9 Pre-Trip Electrical Design ●Panel 180 W ●Safety box ○Battery Ah ○Charge Controller - 15 A ○Inverter W ●Light bulbs with strings

10 Pre-Trip Mechanical Design ●Pole mount ●Security bolts ●Concrete foundation

11 In-Country Implementation ●La Bonanza ●Rural, impoverished community ●House does not have its own grid connection

12 The House ●Living room, kitchen, bedroom ●2 lights, one outlet ●Unsafe

13 Electrical Box ●Protection from environment ●Child safety ●Ventilation

14 Mount Frame ●Scrap metal ●Welded ●Bolt panel to frame

15 Mount Pole ●Two galvanized “canteletas” welded together ●Significantly cheaper than metal pole ○$40 vs. $100 ●13 feet ○4 feet in the ground ○9 feet above the ground The beams were laid on each other and welded along the seam every few feet on both sides.

16 Foundation ●2 foot diameter by 4 feet deep hole ●Concrete with rebar ●Ingenious Dzwonczyk Collar

17 Final Assembly

18 Location of Electrical Components within Home

19 Electrical Wiring ●Four Outlets ●Four Light fixtures ●One circuit

20 General Wiring Diagram

21 Issues Encountered ●The amount of cement needed ●Alignment of the bolt holes o Panel and mounting system ●Securing the wood platforms ●A short in the system o Grounding error ●The iron

22 Objectives Achieved and Deliverables ●Six main objectives/goals ●Local parts versus low cost ●Maintenance manual and a day of education ●Under budget

23 Sustainability and Ownership ●All major parts bought locally ●Minor parts can be purchased in country ●Aiding in the installation ●Education seminar

24 Cost Analysis Total Cost: $1, ●$ in Honduras  all major solar panel components and other miscellaneous items ●$ in United States  minor items (i.e. screws, outlets, fixtures) Install CostUtility Rate(monthly)Most Economical Grid Connection$143if < 150 kWh: free if > 150 kWh: $0.24/kWh X Solar System (180 W)$1,177if <30 kWh: free

25 Economic Analysis ●If use > 200 kWh/month there is an economic case for solar ●WGM compound uses ~ 220 kWh/month ●WGM vocational school would use more Install Cost Energy Usage Monthly Bill Grid Connection$ kWh$48 Solar System (1 kW)$4, kWh (provides) 0 Install CostSimple Pay-BackRate of Return Solar System (1 kW)$4, years12.8%

26 Non-Economic Analysis ●Grid power erratic (frequent power outages) ●Remote villages unable to be grid-tied o Islands o Hill/mountain sides

27 Conclusion ●Achieved goals set by scope of work ●Objectives adjusted while in country to account for new information ●Easily replicable if funds are able to be generated ●Ownership established ●Viable for use in areas with no possibility of grid access in the foreseen future

28 Acknowledgments ●Roger and Mariant ●Larry and Angie Overholt and WGM ●Engineering Education Innovation Center ●Solar Education and Outreach: Jason Mulligan ●Wiring Lab: Mike Lichtensteiger

29 References

30 Questions?

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