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Pre-bid Meeting: PADD/DFD Q & A Department of Housing and Community Development WELCOME Aug 6, 2014 1.

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1 Pre-bid Meeting: PADD/DFD Q & A Department of Housing and Community Development WELCOME Aug 6, 2014 1

2 Pre-bid Meeting Agenda 9:30a – 9:45a Meet and Greet 9:45a – 10:00a Opening Remarks – Director Kelly & Deputy Director Simms 10:00a – 10:15a Presentation RFP Changes 10:15a - 11:45a Presentation and Q&A for 8 th and T St, NW 11:45a - 1:15p Presentation and Q&A for Florida and Q St, NW 1:15p – 2:00p Lunch Break 2:00p - 3:30p Presentation and Q&A for Amber Overlook

3 Opening Remarks Director Michael P. Kelly

4 Deputy Director Nathan Simms Opening Remarks

5 Housing Projects Coordinator Laverne Scott Pre-bid Presenter

6 Coordination with PADD to determine appropriate financing Thorough underwriting before decisions Improved lending and processing outcomes DFD’s Application Process 6

7 1.Threshold - clear, objective criteria 2.Feasibility/sustainability analysis, through underwriting 3.Project prioritization 4.Funding decisions Four Step Process for Decisions 7

8 1.5% of all projects must provide Permanent Supportive Housing as defined in the RFP 2.Priority points will be given to projects offering larger bedroom sizes (3 BRs and above) 3.Regulatory eligibility for appropriate programs 4.Development team materials submitted 5.Corporate Good Standing and Clean Hands Certificate DFD’s Threshold Review Criteria 8

9 6. Creditworthiness 7. Completed Green Design process 8. Preliminary architectural schematic drawings and Form 212 or Form 215 9. Completeness of application material submitted Review Criteria – cont’d 9

10 Applications that pass move into next three steps Applications that fail will not move to the next step, and will receive notice Threshold Criteria Review 10

11 Results of Underwriting will be reviewed in a committee process Ratified by DHCD Director Kelly A Reservation Letter will be issued to all successful applicants along with the property award letter Funding Decisions 11

12 Letter of Reservation will include project-specific and generic closing conditions Commitment Letter follows with progress on closing conditions Funding Decisions 12


14 Pre-bid Presenter PADD Manager Karanja Slaughter

15 District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development Property Acquisition And Disposition Division Solicitation For Offers #1 for 8 TH and T Street, NW, Washington, DC Pre-Bid Meeting August 6, 2014

16 Agenda – Scattered Sites - Trinidad, NE, Washington, DC 16 Overview of DHCD – 8 th and T Street, N.W, Washington, DC The DC Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) mission is to create and preserve opportunities for affordable housing and economic development and to revitalize underserved communities in the District of Columbia.  providing gap funding for affordable housing and community facilities  supporting communities through neighborhood- based activities  increasing first-time homeownership opportunities  funding the rehabilitation of single-family and multi-family homes  providing funding for homelessness prevention  addressing vacant and abandoned properties  overseeing the administration of rental housing laws DHCD fulfills its mission by:

17 Site Details – 8th and T Street, N.W, Washington, DC Location8 th Street N.W.& T Street N.W. Square0394 Lots0060 Total Square Footage5055 sq. ft. OwnerDistrict of Columbia StatusVacant Zone (R-4 Residential) 2013 Tax Assessed Value$1,460,900 Adjacent Stakeholders/Property OwnerHospitality High School of Washington, DC Historic District Yes

18 Site Details – 8th and T Street, N.W, Washington, DC Neighborhood Shaw is one of the oldest communities in the District and experienced significant growth during and immediately following the Civil War. A development boom expanded the District through the neighborhood up to Florida Avenue, then the District’s northern boundary. This development continued into the early 20th Century, as entertainment options (such as nightclubs, restaurants and theatres) came to grow in the northern portion of the commercial corridor1. Seventh Street became the area’s new cultural and entertainment destination. Growth in the neighborhood continued until the April 1968 riots following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which devastated Shaw’s commercial corridor. Urban renewal efforts in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in the construction of public schools, churches, a public library, one major commercial facility and a supermarket.1 Home to numerous historic sites, such as the Howard Theatre and Carter G. Woodson House, the neighborhood is also the location of the new $850 million Washington Convention Center and the City Museum of Washington, DC. Because of its historic building stock, proximity to Downtown, and outstanding transportation access, Shaw is attracting both local and national retailers. Several new developments offer new residences as well as exciting dining and entertainment options (such as ethnic restaurants, live theater, and music venues) to serve the diverse residents of the community. Shaw is rapidly becoming one of the DC’s hottest residential neighborhoods. Zoning The existing zoning is R-4, a low to moderate density residential zone. R-4 permits single family, duplex, rowhouse, and flat development (2 residential units) by right. The zone does not permit new multi-family development. The site does not meet the minimum lot area standard for a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Each new rowhouse/flat lot in the R-4 zone is required to have a lot area of 1,800 sq.ft., and a minimum lot width of 18 feet. Affordability The developer shall demonstrate that 51% of all new units created shall be affordable to households with incomes at or below 80% of AMI. For this Solicitation, PADD requires a minimum affordability period of 15 years for homeownership and 40 years for rental housing.

19 Agenda – Scattered Sites - Trinidad, NE, Washington, DC 19 Background & Goals – 8 th and T Street, N.W, Washington, DC Development Goals: Mixed ‐ income developments; Vocational training and/or local neighborhood job creation; Good workmanlike construction, quality design and architecture that complements the existing architecture of the neighborhood; Adequate financing from pre ‐ development through final completion; Family style affordable dwelling units (2 or more bedrooms) which allow families to grow in place; 51% of the units to be affordable at 80% AMI or below A commitment to at least 15 years of affordability for homeownership and 40 years for rental projects ; Community outreach and development coordination; and Use of green materials, techniques and systems that meet the 2011 Green Communities Criteria.

20 Photos & Neighborhood Context– 8 th and T Street, N.W, Washington, DC

21 8 th and T Street, NW





26 Agenda – Scattered Sites - Trinidad, NE, Washington, DC 26 Evaluation Criteria – 8 th and T Street, NW CriteriaDescription Vision Innovative, market-viable ideas for development or reuse of the Development Site, in terms of market viability and neighborhood context Qualifications & Experience Demonstrate that they are qualified to execute the proposed development plan Have successfully served in developer roles for completed projects of a similar scale and scope to that Project proposed by Offerors Provide evidence of sufficient organizational and financial capability to ensure successful and timely delivery of past projects Project Financial Feasibility and Developer Financial Capacity Demonstrate that they possess the financial resources to execute the Project requirements with minimum District-based subsidy Display a willingness to provide the District with fair consideration for its real property assets Exhibit a willingness to provide the District with a meaningful guarantee regarding payment and performance through final Project completion Attainment of District Policy Goals LSDBE and CBE participation Incorporate high-quality design Improve quality of life for the surrounding community Incorporate environmental sustainability best practices Maximize economic value to the District

27 Agenda – Scattered Sites - Trinidad, NE, Washington, DC 27 SFO Schedule – 8 th and T Street, NW IMPORTANT DATES Issuance of SolicitationJuly 11, 2014 Pre-Bid ConferenceAugust 6, 2014 Site Visit10a-12p, August 12, 2014 Proposal Due Date (at 4:00 PM ET)4 pm, October 10, 2014

28 8 th and T Street, NW Questions and Answers

29 SFO - 8 th and T Street, NW Karanja Slaughter, Manager, PADD 202-442-7282 Adarsh Hathi, Project Manager, PADD 202-478-1351

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